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it is probably simpler to use an lcd with serial interface, e.g. SPI, I2C, etc. if you do an internet search on "lcd SPI"
the question is, is it use a rs/max232? and how to control the GSM so that it can receive the prepaid number. you need to use serial communication to intrface GSM and you need Max232 for the same
Read the data from the serial port and display it then wat u want?
you can use max232 and implement serial interface between two pics.. you can send commands and data via serial interface to other pic with lcd from the first one.. and vga cable will be the phyiscal medium.. you need only 3 wire 1Tx 2Rx and 3GND for communication between them... ---------- Post added at (...)
SMART UART lcd Module with serial interface driven by any normal MCU! Even without knowledge of TFT drive, with the SMART UART lcd Module , anyone can complete TFT display design with minimal MCU programming! It's simple and easy! Enables you to focus on development of product core functions, and Shortens the (...)
MY lcd DRIVE IC IS ST7920: AND HERE ST7920'S DATASHEET MY CODE AS BELOW: DISPLAY NOTHING ON lcd #include #include _FWDT(FWDTEN_OFF)//7.37MHZ //lcd2232F serial interface(ST7920) #define uint unsigned int #define uchar unsigned char void delay_100us(uint
Experts, I am receiving serial data from a GPS module that is NMEA streams. Then displaying on lcd. Streams are received but the error rate is significantly high, almost 2-3 dummy values per line.. I have done this on 8051 with no errors but struggling with PIC. Here is my code, please suggest. void main() { unsign
serial interface will be simplest and best option. If you are using virtex pro, then build the system using microblaze softcore, that will simplify many debugging tasks.
Hi, Simultaneously you can use your programming knowledge with doing small hardware like interfacing of stepper motors, lcd interface, serial port communication etc... Regards
Hi, Many of the modern glcds use single controllers have a serial / spi interface so its usually very simple to physically connect to a micro. The problems for the diy user is that most run on 3v to 3v3 so an interface may be needed, and that they are on either very small pins 0.05" / 1.27mm spacing, that require (...)
hi friends ,,, is it possible to simulate real device with proteus??! , like connect real serial lcd with com port and interface with proteus in real time is it possible??
HI, It will be difficult to implement serial interface, lcd controller and GPIOs in a CPLD, unless you pay a lot of money for it. I would go for a small FPGA (like the Sptartan 3A starter board from AVNET that is about $49), this ywat you have everything you need, plus all the SW is freely available (ISE 11.3 can be downloaded from (...)
I wish to interface with standard PC lcd monitor using dsPIC30F6010A or similar controller. Can you avail lcd monitor manual or similar documents having protocol & connecter pin detail. I have experience with communicating 20ch x4 Line lcd display and also serial interface. Thanks,
Not sure how the 8051 fits into this. Or did you mean that you have an lcd connected to the chip, and that you are communicating serially from the PC. If this is the case, it is a matter of modifying the driver you are using in the 8051, and monitoring the serial port. I assume you are trying to make a simple moving message display?. A (...)
for interfacing between microcontroller and temperature sensor lm35 or any other look on these pages, lcd routine and example projects, VB data loging projects, go here and if you want to use a mocrocontroller from 8051 family and want to interface with PC through serial or parallel port along with temperature data
much easier: choose an USB-to-serial-Converter (e.g. ) and combine it with a display with serial interface - no firmware has to be done :D
You need a MAX232 on the serial port.
hi everyone, I was wondering if I can do the following: take values from serial port that is connected between a PICDEMZ board and my computer.I want to take the values from the serial and make it as input to a pic design in protues and then display it on lcd.Can I do this?Please can any one give some help?
Hello I want to interface Nokia 6100 Graphic lcd with LPC2378... so can anyone tell me the rough algorithm of it..... lcd driver/controller is GE8 i.e Epson controller S1D15G00. I m using SSP i.e synchronous serial port (same as SPI) for Interfacing. Thanks and regards Anujaa
This is a very simple microcontroller circuit with an ADC (analog to digital converter), an RTC (Real time clock IC), an RS232 IC for serial communication and it looks like there is an lcd interface. The "Arrows" that you see are called "Off-page connectors". There are electrically tied together. They are used for schematic clarity. (...)