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In the code I see that TC72 CS pin and serial_lcd_CLK pins uses the same RA5 pin. In PIC12F you don't have sufficient pins to interface serial lcd, TC72 and DAC. You have to use a PIC with sufficient pins. In the DAC code link it uses hardware SPI. So, only CS pin is defined. THE SDO, SDI and CLK pins of (...)
The following two videos shows an interfacing of lcd display(with HD44780 controller) with parallel port and serial port respectively. A two softwares are used for both interfacing which can be downloaded
Hi, How to interface CC2541 with 2x8 parallel lcd? Have anyone experience on this? 1. Direct interface is possible? 2 or should I use SIPO (serial In Parallel Out) for conversion? then I can connect to SPI of CC2541 lcd datasheet: thanks
i want ps2 key board function i keil c i am using arm lpc1768 kindly help how to get the key values and print in lcd are serial port
Hi, You need to say what compiler you are using and if the lcd is a standard 16x2 or something else. You also have the options of 4 bit, 8 bit or even serial interfaces depending on the lcd type ?
hi im trying to use lcd module with i2c driver and i cant understand how to program if someone have a sample code plz share 97270
I am using AT89s52.I want to interface RFID,AT24C08,DS1307,lcd,with serial communication to pc.The problem is how to interface all components single program. RF Tag number stored in AT24C08. Please help me. project sumission last date is monday.(19/8/13) pls send the code for me.
Use serial lcd, see example: 16x2 serial lcd (Two Wire) Best regards, Peter
have anyone used DM330013 demo board for sensing analogue signal (by ADC) and display it to lcd or serial port ?
It is. 1. Connect Tx, Rx and GND between serial port on PC or USB or serial convertor and ur microcontroller board RS232. 2. Set up an interrupt routine for RS232 communication in MCU, so that whenever u type in any letter the transmit receive register will receive the byte, save the byte in RAM and reset the interrupt flag bit. 3. Connect 16x2 (...)
Hi every body I would like to interface EEPROM to aa PIC16F877A and save text in an EEPROM after starting the system a PIC reads from text stored and display it on the lcd who can help me with the codes in CCS C compiler or assembly language. Thanks the serial EEPROM is 93C06
Unfortunately you need to find one with the correct interface. I guess the Akai is serial but from the naming I am not sure which type. The Arduino one is parallel. Also, in order for it to work it needs the same chipset on the lcd so the commands to the lcd will work. A new one seems expensive
I would suggest taking a look at the Sparkfun website, they provide the schematics, eagle files, firmware: serial Enabled 16x2 lcd - Black on Green 5V Sparkfun Monochrome lcds BigDog
The protocol is implemented over the industry-standard SMBus serial interface (a version of I2C) and enables programming, control, and real-time monitoring of compliant power conversion products. This flexible and highly versatile standard allows for communication between devices based on both analog and digital technologies, and provides true inte
Is the VFD a module with controller chip on board? Do you have a part number? If it's a module, then there are a few basic methods of interface (asynchronous or synchronous serial, and 8-bit parallel) and then such things as character set and instruction set to consider. It can be done; the complexity depends mostly on whether the instruction set
The link Deni has provided is actually the source code for the ATMEGA168 firmware of the Glcd's serial Backpack. Unless you want to roll-your-own AVR based firmware for the Glcd, you might want to port the serialGlcd library for Arduino to the PIC18F4620 instead. (...)
Pls can anyone help me with c code for above mentioned....
i put on the question before regarding microcontroller interface with 8051 microcontroller and thank to all for your sincere help my hardware is workin well and print the text.serial prints now i want to print an image from thermal printer through 8051 im usin cbm 1000 thermal printer
what is the difference between parallel mode or serial mode in lcd ST7565R??? Then what is the purpose for serial mode??
did anyone find a complete datasheet of the lcd? i have one. but does not have a lot of the serial communication.