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Is it possible to interface pic16f88 with computer serial port directly ? using SPI or RS232 protocol. Which one is more reliable and faster serial communication SPI or RS232 ?
i'm using a hex file to program my pic16f88 MCu via MPLAB as IDE. baud rate = 19200 and is using ICD2 clone. 1st problem: i am having a hard time connecting my PC to ICD2, i'm using USB-serial CH340. 2nd problem: everytime i'm trying to program the pic, errors occur. i have a screen shot of the error which i will be posting as well. i don't know
Hi, understanding of an assembly code is quiet difficult than a c code. can you shift your programing language from assembly to c. if yes then there are a lot of support available on internet regarding source codes for PIC series try following for C code 12F675 : RS232 serial transmitter the code is retargetable to any PIC htt
hello pic16f88 beams max 232 mikroC windows XP hyperterminal the code below to make a serial peak with Hyperterminal LED blink red if I pressed the letter 'a' keyboard and to extinguish the letter 'z' but typed letters 'a' or 'z' on the keyboard has no effect / * PB0 PB7 out in order the two transistor 2N222A * / / * PA0, PA1, PA7, P
Hi: I present an interface to control the serial port with a PIC16F84A or pic16f88 microcontroller from the computer. They try and give me ideas to improve it, now is a beta that is updated gradually. Salu2.
If your initial choice was physical (Pin Count / Size), you may want to consider using a PIC16F628, this needs an external crystal for accurate serial communication with its built-in UART. The second device is a pic16f88, which like the '628, has a built in oscillator but with sufficient accuracy for serial communication. It has added (...)