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Here is only one problem. don't connect virtual terminal Tx pin to controller tx. use one more virtual terminal to see what is tx of controller. like this 104489 here is sample of hyper terminal example. 104491 connect jumper at pin2 and pin3 of serial port (...)
Hi All Can anybody write a code in mikroC that :- 1- get the first number from user in hyper terminal (serialport) 2- get the firseconed number from user in hyper terminal (serialport) 3- sum the two numbers in PIC and send the (...)
ok you just connect the max in to system via serial port,connect MAX Tx pin to MAX Rx pin and open hyper terminal in to your system. Type the character from your keyboard .Check,whether the character is displaying or not in hyper terminal. if yes your MAX is Good.otherwise (...)
get eltima's virtual serial port driver (VSPD) software then add pair of port 1 and any other port say port 3 (must not be in use by PC) by using add pair button. now set compim as port 1 and hyper terminal software as (...)
I am new in microcontroller world, want to interface two PC's using MAX232 and 89c51 microcontroller for Simplex serial port communication and Bi-directional communication. However, Simplex communication is working through microcontroller on hyper terminal, what should be the code to (...)
Hello, I wanted to interface SIM 300 (Ver 7.03) modem having RS 232 interface with PC using serial port. I made a male-female DB9 connector by connecting pin 2,3 & 5 such that pins 2 and 3 were exchanged at one end. Then, connected the device to PC, inserted sim card, connected the adaptor to SIM 300 and opened (...)
In this code is working in Proteus simulation but didnt work in hyper terminal. What is the reason? But serial port working in some other application. What is the problem? void putrs1USART(const char *data); void putrsUSART(const char *data); void putByteUSART(unsigned char data); unsigned char a=33,b=0,udata,i; (...)
It is hardware problem, Check usb to serial converter and rs232 circuits.
Modem works fine and as expected when checked using hyper terminal but do not get response when connected with microcontroller. To check whether i receive response from the modem i have written a small routine as follows: The code simply initialize lcd and serial port (this is fine as i get (...)
If you want to send SMS using you PC you can use the mobile set software from your PC (Nokia PC suit, I guess) Do you Know AT commands ? If no then don't complete the post Use the mobile cable itself (USB or serial ) and it will be read as a virtual com port where you can select it from the drop down menu of the (...)
hi, i'm very new to electronics and microcontrollers. i have to use 8051 for my project that includes sending data to 8051 via PC and control relays. i used serial port, compiled my C code in Keil and burned it on 8051. used hyper terminal to control LEDs (...)
I had to send sms from my pic. So i searched=> bought a mobile with a serial port(samsung x200). connected it with PC directly using serial cable. and opened the hyper terminal in my windows XP. (COM1, 9600 baud, data bit 8, parity none, stop bits 1, control hardware)65086 I wrote AT (...)
hello .. I have to read text file continuously in MATLAB .. Means that text file is capturing data from serial port using hyper terminal Now I want to call that file continuously in MATLAB and saving it into variable in workspace for further calling it in simulink... I have already tried (...)
I an using GPRS modem SIM300 (with inbuilt TCP/IP stack). The modem is connected to serial port of PC and controlling it through hyper terminal. I am able to connect to standard sites like google....and it is not a problem The same PC is connected to BSNL (...)
Use ttl converter RS232 between PC and Sim300 then connect to PC's serial port then open hyper terminal Use baud rate 9600 chose desired connected serial port and type "AT" enter.......... That it........
Also Sysinternals portmon (now available from Microsoft) is a good serial port monitor. In addition, if you are using the modem for PC network connection, the Windows modem (until connect occurs) and network stack logging information (when connected) may be helpful.
Thank you for your replies guys. I've already written some codes about reading data with Pic C. After that my friend will write a software with Visual basic to show the values on PC. For example I have a float variable as `angle`. I want to send this via serial port. How can I do this? Do I have to turn this value to char to send? Here t
you need a level translator max232 IC... check if you have this IC on the board... connect the serial cable to your kit and PC and set the parameters on the terminal as 9600 baud rate, 8 data bit, 1 stop bit and no parity and hardware control as none..wrtie a small program to receive data (...)
There is no AT commands #@ is Start of command ascii sequence follow these steps connect your LCD to PC open hyper terminal with correct buad setting and serial port/com port after first command wait for atleast 30sec and (...)
Hi Friends, I had a microcontroller board evaluation board. I connected that board to the computer with a USB. I want to send some data using the hyper terminal in windows XP. But hyper terminal can send data the serial COM ports for communication. hyper (...)