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Tell me first, what programming language you are using to program your PIC? If you use PICBasic then it is real easy with your data out pin connected A1 and data in connected to A2 use the following code serin porta.1,N9600, SerOut porta.2,N9600,
Currently I am working on a project that involes serial communication between one PIC and another. The task is to flash an led at a rate (77) sent via serial. the code is as follows. Sender: PIC 16F877A CLEAR DEFINE OCS 4 TRISA = %000000000 LOOP1: SEROUT PORTA.0, 3, GOTO LOOP1: END Receiver: PIC 12F683 CLEAR ANSEL = 0 C
try this receiver: DEVICE pic12F675,intrc_osc_noclkout, wdt_off, pwrt_on, mclr_off, bod_off, protect_off INCLUDE "modedefs.bas" define OSCCAL_1K 1 ledr var gpio.1 leda var gpio.2 ledv var gpio.4 datos var byte high ledr pause 500 low ledr recibir: serin gpio.0,N2400,1,recibir,datos if datos=1 then high le
Check Pages 379 of Manual, ex: serin PortA.0, 16468, 16468 = 8-bit no-parity,Inverted,9600 bauds hope this help
With serin you don't use handshaking but with serin2 you can use a flowbit for handshaking and your mode is coded SEROUT2 DataPin{\FlowPin},Mode,{Pace,} {Timeout,Label,} where in serin the mode is direct serin Pin,Mode,{Timeout,Label,}{,}{Item...}
HI every one iv got a problem with my codes,but only for pic16f877.!! Same codes work fine in 16f84a. I 'dont undestand WHY 'serin' command doesn't work with 877. i bought differnt 877 , 'SEROUT' command works fine, but 'serin' not! where do i make wrong? PLEASE HELP ME! these are the codes. ----------------------------------------------
Hello all, So what is the major difference between Hserin and serin?(PICBASIC) the Hserin is better because it's done in hardware and the PIC can go about its business while the hardware is doing its thing, but you still have to loop to do the Hserin and if you want to wait for a certain character in (...)
hello.. i need help here...i'm trying to send the data using VB 6 to the PIC 16f84 through MScomm command...I've try to 'on' the LED at output...can anyone check my PIC program and my vb6 code.. PIC code: INCLUDE "modedefs.bas" ' Include serial modes DEFINE OSC 4 si VAR PORTA.4 ' loop VAR BYTE start: serin si,T2400,,l
Need Help I write the serout and serin command to send data from PIC to another PIC can anyone tell me, how to solve it, thank you i am try many way to solve it , but still cant solve it i am using PIC16F84A model try a simple code below TX DATA INCLUDE "modedefs.bas" DEFINE OSC 4 loop: IF PORTB.0=0 Then GoSub led_
HI every one iv got this problem with my routine, or somthing, it dosen't seem to work this is what happens ------------------------------------------------ SO var PortB.7 BAUD CON 84 '9600 baud, no parity, true, always driven MAIN: SEROUT2 SO,BAUD, PAUSE 1000 GOTO MAIN END ----------------------