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Gotcha. Since file retrieval does not work would it be possible to clarify the forum rules Don?t upload your files to external servers and post the links, these files will be deleted after a while and the thread will become useless, attach your files in the post. Moderators will delete any posts that includes files uploaded to fi
Hi friends, i have programmed this access list in a cisco router : access-list 130 deny tcp host host eq www this to disable access to web server from PC1 when looking for http pages but,i noticed that the ping is also inhibited, so i can't ping from pc1 to web server (...)
Hello, I am working on GL8686 dual GSM modem and I need to communicate using HTTP. I need to post text to some server address using "AT#HTTPSND" command. Can anyone help me to guide the list of commands to post to a server address using the above command? Regards, Sowmya
SIM5218 has no problem establishing connection to a FTP or FTPS server. Unfortunately, it cannot establish data connection once it has requested the server to enter passive mode to perform, list, GET and PUT commands. The following commands, AT+CFTPSlist, AT+CFTPSGETFILE, AT+CFTPSPUTFILE send PASV command to the (...)
Hello, I have encountered an error with IC Compiler. When I open a cell from a library, there was an error: "cell is locked by pcname (pid 1234 server) check again ..." I run command ps to list the thread and try to use command kill 1234, but the pid 1234 is not available. Please help me how to solve this problem. Thank you
Something to do with how he network drive is viewed perhaps? What do they look like when going into colours, then open from there? P.S. - what version and what OS are you using, also what is the OS on the server? Edit: I have been looking into this and cannot reproduce it (no network drive to look at). So if you can figure out when/how it i
Is this the last version to be developed. Mentor has stopped advertising Pads in the trade magazines and removed its list-server.
SD/MMC card support USB support: CD/HD/DVB-T/AUDIO telnet servers, SSH (dropbear), http, samba mpd player with support for mp3/aac/ogg/mousepack and web radios DVB-T streaming through mumudvb pulseaudio server that provides speakers
First of all hello... I am at the moment searching for a embedded system development/final platform. The prerequisites are: Linux suport Cross compiling tools USB suport Ethernet Suport The ideia is to develop a home server that will use zigbee and other protocols like I2C, SPI, GPIO, UART, Wireless. It wold
License server accessible?
Hello to everybody, I'm trying to configure my pc (linux) so that I can use WLAN and UMTS modem. The purpose is connect my laptop to the server in the following way: via WLAN when I'm at home (my laptop and the server are in the same LAN) use the UMTS modem for remote connection to the server when I'm outside Is the
i think Tuxgraphics DYI projects: avr microcontroller electronics can help you scroll down to the AVR ethernet / web server section you should start from the first article 2006-06: An AVR microcontroller based Ethernet device (the last in the index list) dated 2006-06, then read the art
you may refer these examples Send e-mail message to address list - MATLAB How do I use SENDMAIL to send email from MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a) via the GMail server? - 1-3PRRDV
I want a distribute mode. On my remote computer, i did exactly what help says on "Configuring the Remote Machine". I configured dcom HFSSCOMENGINE. When i want to analyze on remote HFSS gives error : "Unable to locate or start COM engine on '192... ' The server failed to operate" and did nothing. When i look task manager on my Remot
I am using a GPRS modem with WAVECOM Q2403A chipset, with out TCP/IP stack. I want to know is it possible to connect and transfer data to a remote server using this modem. Is TCP/IP stack is need of for this??? Also i want the AT command list for Q2403A chipset, if any one knows any website send that too. Plz help me i am very new to this fie
Dear Sirs/Madams I have problem with connect GPRS in Hyper Terminal application i want see Google page or get variable from web server in hyper terminal with sim300 at command pls say to me how i can it ? tanx
One way to access that web site . . . Find a list of public proxy servers (such as ) and then configure your web browser to use a server located outside USA. If you are using Firefox, you can install an add-on (such as FoxyProxy) that simplifies proxy management. Note, many public servers are slow or disabled, so t
I have a plan to begin to study embedded Linux for networking (TCP/IP , Web server , Mail system and other) because I will select my senior project in embedded networking. Now I've looked for the book from but I don't know which books are suitable for beginning of embedded Linux networking. The following list are the name of the book I'
yep, relizers is right, putting a proxy server would allow rapidshare and megaupload you to download, unless that same proxy server or ip address has been used or it is banned on their network, ive tried it but you have to be patient because it surely is slower that without proxy servers..