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hi all, i am making stair climbing robot.servo motor control has been done but i have problem with direction control of dc motor i am using L298 driver with pic 16f877a. when input 1 0f driver is high motor start rotating and dont stop. i want to stop it when push button is released that means when (...)
my project involves speed control of dc servo motors using pic 16f877a... i would be obliged if someone could help me out with the assembly code... regards, swathi
This source is servo motor control with PIC18F452. and it is OK..I tested. Please help me to change code for PIC16f877a. int servo1,servo2,servo3; void servo_1(int servo1); void servo_2(int servo2); void (...)
I have a dys0213 servo motor interfaced to port a of pic16f877a . Below is the code #include<16f877a.h> #use delay(clock=20000000) void main() { setup_adc_ports(NO_ANALOGS); set_tris_a(0x00); output_a(0x00); while(1) { output_high(PIN_A1); delay_us (1345); output_LOW(PIN_A1); delay_ms (18 ); } } (...)
I want rotate servo motor to -90 degree so i am sending a 1ms pulse continuously after every 20ms . It works fine in simulation but when i use actual hardware the motor rotates continuously .Here is the code: #include<16f877a.h> #use delay(clock=20000000) #byte INTCON = 0x0B// define INTCON's address #bit RBIF = (...)
hi all i want make project using pic 16f877a its crane with three servo motor to move crane up/down & rotation & left write and iwant it move three axis in same time using 6 push bottom two for every axis can i do it or its hard in pic 16f877a
Can any one help me? I got a servo motor,16f877a,20MHz xtal,PICC compiler,I have a burner for my PIC and I use C when writing a program. I got a 5k pot connected to pin A0 and I am planning to use port D or Port B to control the servo to go left and right when I turn the pot. The problem is I don't know how to start (...)
Is there anyone here have servo motor drive circuit that using programming of PIC 16f877a ?
hai..ne1 know how to wrte source code for control a servo motor using PIC 16f877a..i'm using assembly language..thnx in advance..