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I have two servodyn-D servo motors . When connecting power to the encoder(ECN1313), do we have to supply +5V from an external power source? Or the motor has its own +5V power supply to provide the power to the encoder ?. I believe that we need to input power to +5V and 0V pins. We don't (...)
I have a dc servo motor with encoder of Tamagawa Seiki, model TS3252N131E6 60W. Someone help me a timing diagram of encoder signals or data sheet of this motor. PLEASE!!!!:-(
i am having a panasonic servo drive and motor that accepts step and direction signals. The encoder from the motor is connected to the servo drive and there is an option to take encoder feedback and connect to plc are micro controller. my doubt is that if i give 2000 pulses from a micro (...)
in my panasonic servo motor there are three encoder outputs namely A , B , Z, If i connect cro i am getting square wave in a and b terminals but only noise in z. please explain about A B Z TERMINALS why i am not getting output in z?
Hello, Is it possible to communicate without encoder a 5v arduino board with a servo,to measure speed? :???: if not,what encoder i must use? Thanks a lot
i want to use a encoder to control the position of servo - motor, when shaft of encoder (1) revolve a degree, the signal from encoder (1) will deliver to PIC, then, PIC will generate PWM signals to H-drive, PIC use PI algorithm for this project, but it's appear so many problems, some boby help me! thank (...)
This design is a servo-drive based on a DC motor with encoder. The project is original and it is difficult to find information on similar issues on the
i want to check the speed and the direction of motor encoder(servo motor) via 8051... i have made the speed and direction parts of the program separately and they work fine but when i combine those parts it is not giving the direction properly.....need help urgent
I build a servo motor driver using STM32 however I didnot isolate GND of micro from power stage GND which was a wrong decision becouse micro is miscounting encoder pulses becouse of noise in the GND now I want redesign the boards and seperate the two GNDs my question is which optocouplers shall I use to isolate micro from IPM ? ( (...)
I have implemented PID control on precision dc motors. The position of servo motor is determined through linear optical encoders. The encoder values are read using a counter/timer/ TIM4 in the microcontroller. When I make very small moves, the servo moves and stops. Then according to my (...)
Most servos have limited rotation, 0 to 180 degrees are common. The task of driving wheels is usually accomplished with either Stepper, DC or BLDC motors, you may need to incorporate an encoder in your design to provide feedback. Utilizing a stepper motor would most likely give you better control. What type of processor (...)
Hey guys! I am working on a servo motor drive so far its working great but now I am facing a problem related to PID parameter values servo loop time = 5ms encoder PPR = 1000 motor RPM (max) = 4200 Kp = 5, Ki = 1, Kd = 3 (signed int16) motor (signed int16) Here is my (...)
hey guys i want to know about servo motor Electronic Gear ratio A/B settings how it works any one plzz, how to calculate the number of pulses per revolution ?
I'm almost finished building an articulated arm robot. It uses 6 DC brushed motors with quadrature encoders and one brushed dc with pot for position sense. The microcontroller (dspPic 33fj256gp710) is connected to six LM628 motor controllers. I've used assembly code to control one motor with encoder at a (...)
i want to know about some motors like 1) servo motor 2) shaft encoder motor I need some basic Tutorials ?? how to connect shaft encoder with microcontroller ??
I am doing dc servo motor controller.I want control position.But i don't know used some registry?Now I can read encoder by timer counter registry.Plsease help me. Hardware: LPC2148 form Nxp
Im new to micro controller programming and I urgently need a program for servo motor controller(dc motor controller with a single ended quadrature encoder) using pic 18f4331. I googled it for on many occasions but found nothing. I would prefer in mikroc. Will someone be able to share their coding with me as It would be a (...)
hi don't worry project is simple, only thing is you should know position control basics. Hardware details are incomplete such as: motor type:stepper motor or servo motor drive type: Variable frequency or servo drive your PLC having any encoder moule
A servo motor is a DC motor that has closed loop control integrated. Typically you provide a location and the servo motor maintains the selected position (within the physical and mechanical limits of the motor, gearbox and electronics.) Cheers, Slayer
Hi there, I have been trying to understand the theory on how the servo system works. Unfortunately, the infomations i gathered through the internet are bits and pieces. What i really need is to understand how the feedback of the tacho/ encoder communicates with the position of the servo motor. And I also need to know (...)