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void main() { unsigned int i; float j; float adc1,adc2; adc1=0; PORTA=1; TRISA=0xff; ADC_Init; PORTC=0; TRISC=0; TRISB=0; PR2 = 0xFA; //oxFA for 250 (used to set time period) PWM1_Init(5000); PWM1_Start(); // start PWM1 CCP2CON |= (1<<2)|(1<<3); // select fo
Hello All First of all I have pic32Mx575F256H and Panasonic Minas-A4E series servo motor Driver. Below is the Driver Image. 126018 Now below is the Diagram of servo motor Driver. 126019 Now Problem Is When I connect My pic32 Microcontroller Pulse and Dir Signal Connected this servo driv
i am having a pic controller that runs in 3.3v. i must generate a 5v pwm signal to control a rc servo, for that i am using a bc 547 transistor with a base resistor of 2.2k connected to pic io, emitter pin i grounded and collector pin i connected a 2.2k pull up with 5v. now i connected the collector to rc servo pwm pin. is (...)
it is possible to control industrial ac servo motor(with drive) using pic microcontroller, servo drive accepts step and direction signals
can anyone provide a link for an opensource project maily the code for Atmega /or pic for a servo controller/amplifier . i want to understand how the step and direction inputs are being transfered in speed and postion . if someone donot have a code but can simplify with a block diagram that would be great . NOTE : I am NOT a newbie . so
The following post offers pic Assembly for both a four servo and an eight servo pic based Controller: pic Based Serial Port servo Controller The design uses a pic16F84, however porting it to a pic16F877 should not be too much of an issue. The following (...)
Is it true that adding one more data byte stops USB device operation? I rather guess it's the call to commandservoToAngle1(), that further increases software latency and possibly exceeds the maximum allowed delay to service the USB. The delay loops are a "rusty" method to generate servo pulses, you should better think of a solution based on har
Hello everybody I'm facing with a problem in my H bridge design. I am using pic 18F45K20 Microchip Controller along with BJT tranzistors to make a servo direction for a 5V motor. Everything is fine but i can't get around with C code for microcontroller. I'm using C18 Compiler. I want to get the signal from a switch on the development
i want to use a encoder to control the position of servo - motor, when shaft of encoder (1) revolve a degree, the signal from encoder (1) will deliver to pic, then, pic will generate PWM signals to H-drive, pic use PI algorithm for this project, but it's appear so many problems, some boby help me! thank you all very much!
hi everyone. recently working with opencv face traking. still working on it. but my goal is to make a portable face tracker. Primarily i want to build a serial communication with controller within opencv code . so how can i do this . i know c. but little in it will be helpfull if the code
Hello Guys, I need help about this curiosity i had in mind. I am controlling a servo motor via CCP of the pic. The servo is rated to work at maximum stall torque @ 6v. We know the pic produces 5v out. So I was thinking to connect the supply of the servo externally while the PWM is coming from the (...)
hi all, i am making stair climbing robot.servo motor control has been done but i have problem with direction control of dc motor i am using L298 driver with pic 16f877a. when input 1 0f driver is high motor start rotating and dont stop. i want to stop it when push button is released that means when input 1 is low plz help in this regard
Hi, I am pretty new on this forum. I have a background on coding with pic and MATLAB. As of now, I have developed codes for object detection and tracking in MATLAB. My code detects a red object in an image/video and gives its centroid location. The red object is then tracked also as it moves. However, I am getting absolutely no clue as to how to
What you need to remember is A servo requires a cycle of about 20ms The position of the arm (on most servos) is a pulse between 1ms & 2ms, wth 1.5ms being the centre. Therefore as an example to move the arm to an extreme High pulse 2ms low for 18ms- making the 20ms cycle. This needs to be continously repeated to hold the arm in the correct positi
hi i am using pic 18f452 to control the servo motor Turnigy TG9e. i am programming it using microcode studio. i was not able to move the servo motor. i don't know what was the mistake. can anyone provide me a basic program in microcode studio for controlling servo motor Turnigy Tg9e using pic (...)
Hi, I'm planning on creating a microcontroller circuit that measures the current in a 5 dc servo motors (using shunt resistor current sensing and pic ADC) and does an error handling procedure when overcurrent is detected. However, the only specifications I have of the motors I'm using is that three of them have 30W motor capacity and 2 of them have
my project involves speed control of dc servo motors using pic 16f877a... i would be obliged if someone could help me out with the assembly code... regards, swathi
This source is servo motor control with pic18F452. and it is OK..I tested. Please help me to change code for pic16F877A. int servo1,servo2,servo3; void servo_1(int servo1); void servo_2(int servo2); void (...)
I wanna use bluetooth module and servo on proteus and then rotate the servo clockwise/counterclockwise controlled by a switch in proteus. The switch would only represent the position of the servo, high or low, depends. is this possible? Any source code for this? I don't know what kind of Bluetooth to use as well as the pic i (...)
Hi, I need to interface a potentiometer with a servo motor via the PWM module of pic 18F4550 using mikroC. Can it be done? If so, please help me out. Thanks in advance. servo motor needs 50Hz PWM. What I know, pic16 PWM Module can't generate low frequency at 50Hz. I don't know how pic18. The option is (...)