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hai friends i have a setup violation in a path starting in the Q pin of a flipflop followed by some logic blocks and ending in the D pin of the same flip flop how can i over come this can i set false path or multicycle path help me........... thank you
Hi, I am confused which should be set for asynchronous control signal, false path or recovery and removal constrain? Could you tell me how to choose and why? Thanks!
The below is assuming that dc has been setup properly. And dc_shell is available in the env. # Define if it is topo based synthesis set topo false # - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - # Suppress known and/or annoying messages # - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (...)
Not Always. CDC(Clock Domain Crossings) analysis required very much in bigger SOC's. If these clock domains are not interacting in any of the functional modes, you can always set false paths. If its interacting, you cant set false path untill and unless , you have any other mechanisam to test /verify these Asynchronous (...)
Hi, Please see the following link for detail: I think the following will work: set verilogout_no_tri true set verilogout_equation false current_design $top_design_name set_fix_multiple_port_nets -all -buffer_constants
hi, I have used print statement many times, but never understood how it works or what the code actually means. Can somebody explain a little in detail? This code is provided in one of the Xilinx testbench file package rapidio_lib is --======================================= -- Printl -- OPERATION: print a string to t
dear I think your timer will define this parameter. if you set T=0.06sec f=1/T=16.667Hz It may be false if anyone agree or disagree please confirm.
Increase the clock period to remove set up time violations. Check for multicycle paths and false paths. Filter both of these. I am not sure about asynchronous signals. Just try nominal case for STA first
First set the path as false path between the clock domains. Then 1. If there is no data going through between these clocks then fine no problem. U can carry on with the STA. 2. If not then u need to have FIFO design with sufficient depth, so that there r no data lost. Which is normally written in the verilog code itself by the coding team.
If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if input to output path can be set as false path. This can be or can not be set as a false path depending on the design. Generally these paths will be analysed with constraints applied at input and output pins. If you are aware that this is a non critical path and can (...)
I want to synthesize a Clock domain crossing design. Do i need to set a false path from clk1 to clk2 as explained by jbeniston?
Frnd Most probably the tool is not able to optimize the net for better transition because there is a dont_touch true on the net . You cant remove the attribute instead you need to set the dont_touch attribute as false on thet net using the set_attribute command, once it is made false the tool will optimize for transition (...)
Choose the faster one. setup depends on frequency but hold don't. If setup/hold doesn't violate on fastest freq, it will not violate on slower.
You may want to split a clock to drive different blocks which the paths are not synchronous between and you want to set false/multicycle paths on.
check this set_clock_groups notes - Altera Forums
To check if reset release, initialization sequence and boot-up is proper. Since Scan insertions occur during and after synthesis, they are not checked by simulations. STA does not analyze asynchronous interfaces. Unwarranted usage of wild cards in static timing constraints set false and multi cycle paths where they dont belong. (...)
There are many types of constraints - false, multicycle, set_input_delay, set_output_delay, etc Can anyone give a complete list of the order is which constraints have priority? Thanks,
Hi to all As part of a circuit set-up i'm trying to link a capacitor and a ground block by using these commands: With Link .Reset .setSourcePortFromBlockPort("CAP4","1",false) .setTargetPortFromBlockPort("GND9","1",false) .Create End With Everytime CST says it's unable to (...)
set compile_delete_unloaded_sequential_cells false
Hi all, In my design i have scan flipflop contains sd(set),rd(reset),clk,si(scan input),q(output),d(signal input).sd(tied to 1) For static signals like SD and all other static signals how the tool taken care when the Timing closure stage.whether it is taken as a falsepaths?.