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read in design set input constraints like drive strength and arrival time. set output constraints like load and output delay times. define all clocks define any false path and multi-cycle path in the design. set clock skew and jitter tolerances. define all input/output timing relationships between clock and ports then (...)
Hi, everyone, We know, DFT Compiler inserts lockup latch between adjacent scan FFs if they are triggered by different clocks and the test clock waveforms are the same. Use the command set_scan_configuration ?add_lockup ture However, in this case, how can we set false path when doing test mode STA ? Now, we use the test clock that
u can als try : set verilogout_no_tri true set verilogout_equation false
Hi I need to tell the ISE not to remove constant reisters in my design. I work on Synopsys DC and the command there is like set compile_seqmap_propagate_constants false how do i do it in ISE and where do i need to give the command??? in the constraint list or i need to do change some variables. pls help thanks in advance
Try this script in DC -Shell this will give gate count set sh_new_variable_message false set cell_list set ref_cell_list "" set cell_cntr_list "" foreach_in_collection cells $cell_list { set cell_ref_name if { [lsearch
Hello CFAR derives from Constant false Alarm Rate. It is a technique used in radar signal processing to implement a RADAR receiver which guarantees detection of targets with an adaptive threshold dinamically set according to a predefined false alarm rate = number of false targets detected/ time unit. At the moment I (...)
"set_false_path" is the command input could be chip inputs and register inputs and o/ps could be chip outputs and clocks.
Hi I want to know .How to rectify hold violations and set up viloations when they are occured.Kindly give me possible remedies for that kumar
because start from DC0412, constant register will be delete. you can set compile_delete_unloaded_sequential_cells false or set_dont_touch on the constant_register,
Unloaded sequential cell will be removed when synthesis. For example in DC, if you want to retain those cell, you have to do some setting: set compile_delete_unloaded_sequential_cells false By default, the value of this variable is true.
During logic bringing up period (reset period), a lot of hold/setup errers appear. They are false alarms. Check timing errors after reset. Disable timing check between synchronizers. Nandy Netlist Debug/ECO in GUI mode. Hi , It need the Key Code ! limited function?
if 2 clocks are asyn, why can't we set them to false path?
If you only want to do something once, just create a boolean variable and set it's default to 'false'. Check the variable before you do your read. Then do your read or whatever, and then set the variable to true. VHDL i.e. ... read: process(clk,reset) variable did_it: boolean := false; begin if (...)
in sta,if two clock domain is asyn ,we can set false path to them. if two clock domain is syn, maybe fast to slow,maybe slow to fast, how to constraint the path between them? i see a conculsion ,but i don't understand what it mean. just like in the picture.
set the following variables before reading in your source files: bus_naming_style = %s_%d verilogout_single_bit = false Note: above setting will change your bus naming style .....
EDFO-1 (warning) Some designs have no schematic. DESCRIPTION The variable edifout_netlist_only is set to false, and you executed the edif format write command. But for some of the designs that you want to write, no schematics have been created. WHAT NEXT If you want to write the designs without including schematic descriptions, set the (...)
If the control signal is a static signal, you can just set it as false Path to disable timing check on this path.
In script 1 you need to set false path between clocks! This will solve the problem!
Hi, beside set_max_area 0.0, you can set some variable to optimise your design and reduce the areaof your design. set_flatten false; set_structure true -timing true; transform_csa -duplicated;# If you use many arithemetic in your design You can set dont use some cell to increasing (...)
#---------------------------------------------------------------------------- # set option values set verbose 0 ;# 1 for verbose source commands set noscan 1 ;# false path the SCANEN input set signoff 0 ;# Use post layout netlist and parasitics (...)