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It is best if you program timer(s) which are altered inside a timerX interrupt function. Something like this: static volatile unsigned char Timer_10ms; void interrupt isr(void) { if(TMR2IF) { if(Timer_10ms) Timer_10ms--; TMR2IF=false; } Now you can set your timer inside your function and it will automatically decrement in
If you've done a good job in handling the exchanges of data between different clock domain, perhaps using an asynchronous fifo for that. Then you can safely set false paths between the asynchronous clocks.
The last of your examples is almost correct, but not completely the same as set?. set? bitByte|=0xF8: bitByte|=0xF0; is it the same as: if (set) bitByte|=0xF8; //If set is true (not zero), i.e. 1, 2, 3 etc. else bitByte|=0xF0; //If set is false (zero). (...)