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Hi all! I'm running formal equivalence on RTL to Gate-level netlist. One of the errors that i encountered is the reset DFF's of revised is connected directly to ground and in the golden the reset is connected to the GSR. However, when i used the option set flatten model -seq constant, the in-equivalence was gone. How was (...)
Hi I am new to LEC and asking silly question but, I am curious to know it. Sorry for that! Could anyone please let me know the exact use of "set flatten model". What i can see is that it converts DFF/DLAT to ZERO/ONE. Could any one please explain in detail what this command does exactly. Thanks Richa
I think the version you refer is pretty old, try using a latest version. Are you using "set flatten model -gated_clock", do you see these as notmapped points.. Also try "set analyze option -auto" and still if it is not resolved try "remodel -gated_clock .. .. "
Hi What is the importance of flattening in LEC? why do we use "set flatten model ..." command ? If this is not mentioned what would be the defaults?
find out the reason why it is optimized in netlist...use that modeling swithc with set flatten model command....this point will go away and you will get clean results
Hi Jaydeep, As clock gating cell is only present in netlist. Using set flatten model -gated_clock in LEC dofile make it unreachable. Basically it converts or model netlist and make mux feedback structure on revised side too ,which then become same as on golden side. Now as the CG cell is no more in the clock path of flop(virtually),
I was doing LEC last a few days, here is my 2cents. In most case, with set flatten model -seq_constant option, LEC works very well. But in one block, I have to use -noseq_feedback_constant. Right now , I use a script to generate a constraint file and run with -noseq_feedback_constant option. The script will call up formality , and generate a
You should read the manual of formailty, this is becase dff synthesis to two latch structure. So you should tell formailty how to deal with it .And i use conform, about this , command like: set flatten model -latch_fold. you can find some command like this at the manual of formailty Added after 3 minutes:
how to get a flatten netlist in cadence? Added after 1 hours 14 minutes: I have find a way but still face problems. In ADE, set setup->simulator to hspiceS, choose flat for netlist type in setup->environment, then generate netlist from simulation->netlist->creat final. It does work when no parametered c