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Hi All, I have input delays set as greater than the available clock periods. For example, in my constraint file Input delay for a pin is set as 25.5ns and I am using 8 ns period clock and the path has multicycle path of 3 periods. So I m getting violation in preCTS stage as the (...)
Hello, MCP is multicycle path during capture only as we are running shift at low speed. If we provide multiple cycles, it will detect the non scan flops in between 2 scan flops. It will detect MCPs also, Suppose we set sequential depth as 3, it will detect MCP with 3 cycles and also non scan flops which are in between scan flops.
I think it's unable to meet both setup and hold for such, if you using usual library cells. And it's also un-reasonable for the real DFF to have setup and hold both equal to 0.
Hai ramesh you can set multicycle path for both the conditions i.e from slow clock to fast clock and from fast clock to slow clock for the condition from slow clock to fast clock set_multicycle_path x -setup -from launch_clk(slow) -to capture_clock(fast) -end ---> (...)
hai friends i have a setup violation in a path starting in the Q pin of a flipflop followed by some logic blocks and ending in the D pin of the same flip flop how can i over come this can i set false path or multicycle path help me........... thank you
Hi, If the clocks are from the same source(when you say you are generating the 1MHz clock from 8 MHz then these two clocks should belong to the same domain) you need to set the 1MHz clock as a derived clock and define the corresponding parameters. When you do this the tool will automatically check the timing of the signals that cross the freq do
yes, just set the path as false path will done the job