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Dear all, I am facing problem in displaying floating point number coming from ADC after conversion. I have attached the code that I have attached the code for this. I want to display like 92.66677.... I have attached the image also. Please help. /** * \file * * \brief Empty user application template * */ /** * \mainpa
Dear all, I am having doubt in display floating numbers into seven segment display using AS1115 driver. I have written a code for this but I am not getting place values in the segments. I have attached the code for this. I am getting values as in the image I have attached. I need to (...)
Hello All, I am developing a circuit in which PIC16F877A controls the peripherals, one of which is a TM1650 7 segment display driver chip. The datasheet is in Cantonese and I cant understand it. Has anybody worked with the chip and help me on that count? With regards, Abhishek
Dear Sir, I am interfacing AS1116-BSST driver with AT32UC3A1256 using SPI. I am able to read all the inputs and outputs in CRO(Clock, Data, Chip Select). But I am unable to display the output on seven segment displays. I have attached few snapshots of the output and Circuit Diagram of the Interfacing. I have attached the (...)
Hi all.. I am trying to interface keypad and seven segment display with 89S52. what i need to do is whatever keys are pressed from keypad, it should show on seven segment display. for Eg. if 2 is pressed from keypad then display should show 2. and so on. my code is... (...)
I have this seven-segment Vacuum display FG413D1 129780 I can't find datasheet on internet . I want to know how it's work ? I want to build digital clock by using this display .
i use a 4 digit seven segment display for my project. but it need to show a number in first 5 second and then other for 5 sec, then the previous one is shown and the loop will be continued. for this i use the program but it shows 0000 . ################################################# void loop() { print_seg(10.76); delay(5000
Hello I'm usnig ATmega8 with ADE7753, display on 4 digit seven segment. I already read/ write ADE7753 register's bits n display register's default value on 7-segment (e.g. I read MODE (0x09) register's default hex value (0x000C) and displayed on 4-digit 7 segment like (...)
i am driving 8 seven segment display with max7219 multiplexing ic along with pic microcontroller. some times during power on max 7219 sets hanged by displaying all the 8 digits seven segment as and sets strucked but the pic micro is working. this happens only on power on (...)
Hi all.... i am trying to interface 2 digit x 3 seven segment with 89s52. one to show secounds, one for minute and one for hour. it works proper... the only thing is i does not stay stable.... i mean the display blinks. please help me where i am wrong code is.... #include #include unsigned char (...)
Hello everyone, I am confused about my BASYS2 FPGA board's common anode seven segment 4 digit display's function. In user manual(and also tested in Verilog code), the desired digit is enabled when the anode is driven to 0(e.g. to enable the rightmost digit the bus should be 1110 each of which represents the anode signal, respectively), (...)
Hi all, here i interface 4-seven segments(common cathode) with atmega8 (avr gcc compiler). My initial task is very simple that i need to display 0-9 on each display one by one... but i faced two problems.. 1) segments are not switching...means data is displayed on each (...)
i have project in which i want to use 7 segment for two purpose, 1.. for display to set value 2.. for show adc value how can i get it
Hi there, I am trying to interface a HEX keypad with to display the key pressed on seven segment display. I am new to HEX keypads. I have read some theory about HEX keypads. But I am unable to make the decoder. Can anyone pls provide a sample code for it in VHDL (I am OK with seven (...)
It can be done but I dont think you will find 3 digit bi color seven segment displays and also you won't get colors with yellow and green. Even if you are not getting that take 3 numbers of bi color seven segment displays and connect the terminals together to work as 3 digits. For (...)
2 common cathode 7 segments and pic 16f877a and mikroc pro for pic 2 transistors connected with RD0 and RD1 , the RD0 transistor is responsible about the tens digit and the RD1 transistor is responsible about the ones digit the 2 common cathode 7 segments are connected to portb code : char x,y=0; // x for ones and y for 10s char I;
Hey,thank you Sir for the response I want to display on seven segment and I would like to be able to set the time,to update the system if possible.I am using PCF8583 not DSO1307. Thank you!!
Hello there, I have a FPGA board which has 4 seven segment elements having all the elements connected in parallel ie. element 'a' of all four units are in parallel and so on. I wanted to display four distinct characters in the four units viz 'F.P.g.A.'. Is there any way to do so. I tried the following way: Described a process A (...)
First of all, i'm sorry for my english. I want to make a 7 digit display using verilog. I'll test the program on spartan 3E. An exemple: I know that i need to use frequency divider, but i don't know how to implement the program. I'm beginner in verilog, but i want to learn with exemples.
Hi all, I'm a beginner when it comes to verilog and I'm hoping to get some feedback on a project I'm working on: Description: The circuit block diagram that can display four seven-segment displays with a shift register and a display buffer is shown in Figure P2.1. When the enable signal is low, the data (...)
Goodday! I need your help. I need help in coding ADC of the Zilog Microcontroller that will display output in seven segment. I used Zilog 40 pins. :grin:
Hello all, I need to get output of my matlab simulation on spartan 6 XC6SLX150T FPGA LCD display, steps are as follow 1) i run my simulation with xilinx 14.1 system generator, 2) i run the .xise file generated in matlab with the xilinx 14.1, 3)the program get synthesize, implemented design, generated programming file, 4)in configure Target d
As I understand your circiut.... you need to make Port P0.2 to P0.6 controlling the seven segment displays ..... So you can use interrupt timer for multiplex them..... Generally way that it is done is running 3.2ms interrupt timer in the micro-controller... With regards, Milind
Hi, I have to implement a thermometer. I use on my project a PIC18F2620, a LM35, and the temperature is displayed on 3 seven segment display. In order to have a stable display, I use the Timer0, and I read the value of temperature at each 1 sec. The problem is the fact that there is nothing (...)
hello friends' i have problem in hexadecimal to decimal conversion,actually i have a switch connected to port 1 of 8051 and show the count on seven segment but after 9 data is mismatch ,can any body plz send me the code to display that count on seven segment display. Thanks in (...)
You should be using a function to display the integer on the seven segment. So always display four digits, whether it be less than 4 digits. Add a 0 in front. When you write your function in this way, it becomes easier..
Hi, I am trying to display different sensor readings on 7 segment in a circular sequence I stored both the sensor readings But I have problem while displaying the the segemnts. I saved the sensor readings in two different arrays Code: type dbuff is array (0 to 3) of std_logic_vector(3 downto 0); signal x:
I have my code and already implemented on hardware that scan 4x4 matrix keypad and display a number in seven segment display, now I wan't to connect a DC motor so that number 1 is pressed on keyboard motor should rotate clockwise and when 2 is pressed motor rotate ant clockwise., the code for keypad and proteus simulation (...)
hi, i want to make a digital clock, for which i have written my code on 8051 micro controller, now when i simulate my code on Proteus, it gives the error and not working properly. i am attaching my code and Proteus pic with this post. please help me.. #include sbit dig_ctrl_4=P1^0; //Declaring control pins of the
hello, i am using seven segment display for making digital clock. i have made a program for this but on the time of simulating on proteus, it does not gives output & its also does not display even a single seven display. when i start simulation it gives an error." SIMULATION IS NOT (...)
Hello Seniors Actually i want to create a program in which i applied some AC Voltage on the ADC channel of PIC 16f877a micro-controller with the help of some divider and i want to display value read by ADC 5V --> 230V 2.5V --> O 0V AC --> -230V how can i create code please explain in detail so that i can understand the concept and i am usi
hi could anyone please help me to get code of real time clock using seven segment display in LPC2148.i need to display minutes and second in 4 bcd seven segment display i need code in keil c could anyone help me to get code
Hi all Could anyone pls help me the code for RTC using LPC2148 and to display in 7 segment LED. i need to display sec and minutes in the 4 seven-segment display. I need this code in Embedded C and i m using Keil C compiler.
It is a display based on specialized register SCT2024. This display was designed for static control 16 LEDs, which allows static activation of dual seven-segment display. display used in this design was disassembl
Hi, All. Am trying to interface CS5460 and P89V51rd2. The Set up is not working please suggest me wher i gone wrong. Am using 4 seven segment display, am getting some garbage values in the display I wanted to display consumed power/energy, even i have tried voltage and current. Please guide me (...)
How to add seven segment led in proteus?
Heya.. got a project in lpg controller for some school kid. Its like this, the kid has to turn off a gas burner using a Uc after a time period. I have done some coding using the basic stuffs.. but iam stuck at "update" of the 7 segment display. i.e in the main function : int main(void) { init(); for(sec=0;sec<=1;sec++) { _d
I make a component in isis seven segment and attach it with corresponding footprint and all done OK, then i create a circuit that include 4 7segment display (what i create) and unselect exclude from footprint option and then when i transfer to ares it don't exist there. any one know what possibly this why thanks
before starting a code start with algorithms or flowchart etc. for using 4 seven segment, u may require to use timer in interupt which is a bit complicated and before transmiting data to seven segment a code table has to be formed that depends in what way you have connected the seven (...)
I want to display the temperature by 2 to seven segment using same decoder with one port i need the software
I have created a binary to seven segment verilog module which works in isolation when using switched for the input however I want to instantiate this from another module which counts, using the binary to seven segment module to display the count. The two modules are as follows. module (...)
you post is a little bit confusing for me basically i understand it as, you want to display 6 in DIS0 and want to display 64 in DIS1,DIS2, DIS3, DIS4, DIS5, DIS6, DIS7.(rest). where you want to display these digits> want to display them seven segment OR LCD?.... by pushing the button the (...)
put LED on output of ADC or use BCD to seven segment decoder with seven segment display's
Hello everyone, I am a very beginner in microcontrolers. I need to program a 7-segment display - I need to show 3 (or more) digit number and move it from the first display to the last. I have got 8 seven-segment displays. I uploaded an image for better imagination, what I need. I should (...)
Dear all I need to send RTC data to seven segment display RTC data : SEC , MINIS , HOURS , DAY , MONTH , YEAR I am using 74LS248 IC for BCD to drive seven segment I am using 4094 IC for mux I need use single port for both BCD driver and MUX driver ( see image for wiring diagram) MSB for BCD (...)
Well it looks like you need to wire a-h to portb0-7 (so you can use a portb interupt on change) Then hook up DM and DL to another two ports! Set all of the above as inputs When the 7 segments are lit the interupt will fire off. Read all of the port values and use these to work out the trip number. Might need a look up t
Dear All I have a 7 segment 6 digit display using 89c2051 microcontroller receiving input signals at Rx pin from hin232 ic in the form of "(Stx)-123456(Etx)" from rs232 port and ascii format. and on the output of the microcontroller is uln2803 ic and sn7407 driver ic to drive 6 digit seven segment (...)
If you are using individual seven segment display then the pinout is probably like the one shown Interfacing to 7-segment displays You can check if it common anode or common cathode with a multimeter in the diode function or a 5v source with a 270 ohm resistor in series, you can also use it t
In this case you need to use a Common Anode 7 segment LEDs display. seven segment display Common anode to be connected to the Vcc pin. Look here for an example how to connect the 74LS74 with the 7 segment LED display.
hi...i currently working mu final project that would need me to use this conversion. Here what i'm trying to do: 1. let say i have this number in decimal 6.23456. I want to multiply this value with other value (integer) and display the result ( in fraction num) on seven segment using verilog code. for example: value a=