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i am driving 8 seven segment display with max7219 multiplexing ic along with pic microcontroller. some times during power on max 7219 sets hanged by displaying all the 8 digits seven segment as and sets strucked but the pic micro is working. this happens only on power on once in 4 times (...)
2 common cathode 7 segments and pic 16f877a and mikroc pro for pic 2 transistors connected with RD0 and RD1 , the RD0 transistor is responsible about the tens digit and the RD1 transistor is responsible about the ones digit the 2 common cathode 7 segments are connected to portb code : char x,y=0; // x for ones and y for 10s char I;
Hello friends i want to create 3 seven segment LED drive using At89c51 micro controller ? how can i start ? and also i want to create using switch or variable POT to increment or decrement the digit . and is that possible to save last digit at device power off and after some time power on last value stored using external eepr
Hello there, I have a FPGA board which has 4 seven segment elements having all the elements connected in parallel ie. element 'a' of all four units are in parallel and so on. I wanted to display four distinct characters in the four units viz 'F.P.g.A.'. Is there any way to do so. I tried the following way: Described a process A which is
hi, I'm using PIC18LF2520. Internal oscillator: 1Mhz, CCS C Compiler I'm using charlieplexing method to display the numerals in the seven segment display (SSD). SSD is of type Common Anode. Below is the sample Code: #include "18F2520.h" #fuses INTRC_IO #use delay(clock=1000000) #use fixed_io(b_outputs=PIN_B4,PIN_B5,PIN_B6,PIN_B7)
ok First of all you need to have some circuit diagram for it....another thing why do you want to use two processor PIC16F877a and PIC16F72 ..... My suggestion here will be do this project in LCD than doing in seven segment displays as multiplexing seven segment require one interrupt timer...... Good Luck
Hello there,I am design a digital voltmeter 0-30V I am using PIC16F876A and ccs c for coding but I am having great problem with the conversion of adc value read to be converted into decimal for displaying on seven segment . Please see the codes and let me know what I can change. I am always reading 0s in the 3 seven (...)
Well said Mr. BradtheRad. Other option u can use scroll type only using 3 or 2 seven segments. If u wants to use 3 7-seg method then fist segment for displaying the sensor no and next 2 segments for displaying the temp of that particular sensor. Accordingly place first segment and next two (...)
if you are using proteus.. I've attached a demo of connecting multiple seven segment on same port. since I was in trouble at my project to find solution like this easy problem. so, I don't want you to do same..:-) 81885 81886
Can any one suggest me a IC (Except ICL7107) for digital voltmeter. IC must have the following fetchers. 1) No external components with digit multiplexing. 2) Display type: seven segment. Actually I want a IC with functionality of CA3162 + CA3161. Thanks in advance
hey! guys i wanted to use the timer 2 of 8051 to use it as the multiplexing delay for seven segment led display. So guys if anyone of u know how can i use timer 2 of 8051 please give the pseudocode or C code or assembly code will work too. thanks
Follow these steps:- 1. First leaen how to interface seven segment display with a microcontroller. 2. Learn how to do multiplexing with seven segment display .... To learn seven segment display interfacing, multiplexing, and counting, you may try "4.11 (...)
hello everyone i want some help hope anyone can help me... i want to interface 4x4 keypad with 89c51 and want to display on 4 seven segment suppose on first attempt i pressed 7 xxx7 on second attempt if i pressed 4 xx74 on third attempt if i pressed 1
pls help me to implement a decimal counter using the C programming language for the 8051 micro-controller and display the count (0 to 99) on 4(four) 7-segment displays. using keil compiler. kindly help me....tnx.
You want to show each digit at least 50 times/sec so depending on how much lines you must switch you multiply that with 50, for example if you have 8 rows and you want them to switch at a speed of 50 times/sec you have to use multiplexing of 8*50=400Hz It is a similar thing with the seven segment display, the (...)
I'm facing a glitch in displaying the time on 4 seven segment LEDs using ATmega 16. Recently, I've learned how to count numbers from 00 to 99 on two 7 segment LEDs using multiplexing technique. So, to step further, I decided to write a program to display time (digital clock for max 1hr). My simple logic behind the code i
Is this the situation: you want to show temperature from 0 to 150 'C, so you need the 3rd digit? I'm editing the code for that. But it should be quite straightforward. If you can interface 2 seven segments, the 3rd is done the same way.
Who can help me to get the good otuput temperature;I am using PIC16F877A and two seven segment display(common anode )driven with BC337 (NPN transistors). see my code here below: #include<16f877a.h> #fuses HS,NOWDT #use delay(clock=20000000) #include #include #use standard_io(A) #use standard_io(B) #use standard_io(D) #d
Is it possible to interfacing 8 seven segment with Micro controller using only 16 transistors??? If yes , then please give the idea of this circuit.:roll: Thanks, Vimal Patel
Here's pseudocode for what you want: for each digit select digit i by grounding common cathode apply seven-segment drive for this digit end for This code will need to sequence through the digits at least 40Hz or faster. However, don't scan too fast since that will reduce the apparent LED brightness.