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Dear all, I am facing problem in displaying floating point number coming from ADC after conversion. I have attached the code that I have attached the code for this. I want to display like 92.66677.... I have attached the image also. Please help. /** * \file * * \brief Empty user application template * */ /** * \mainpa
Dear all, I am having doubt in display floating numbers into seven segment display using AS1115 driver. I have written a code for this but I am not getting place values in the segments. I have attached the code for this. I am getting values as in the image I have attached. I need to display 92.23451. This is value coming from ADC. /
Hello everyone! I have a problem. I'm supposed to create a countdown timer from 9 to 0 on a 7 segments display in MP LAB with PIC 16f877A. Now the problem is that I have to do this due tommorow and we never studied programming at all. During classes the teacher just gave us printed asm files and have us type them in MP LAB. Now, in order to pass th
Hello everyone! I have a problem. I'm supposed to create a decreasing binary counter(countdown timer might be the term I guess) from 9 to 0 on a 7 segments display in MP LAB with PIC 16f877A. Now the problem is that I have to do this due tommorow and we never studied programming at all. During classes the teacher just gave us printed asm files and
Hello All, I am developing a circuit in which PIC16F877A controls the peripherals, one of which is a TM1650 7 segment display driver chip. The datasheet is in Cantonese and I cant understand it. Has anybody worked with the chip and help me on that count? With regards, Abhishek
Dear Sir, I am interfacing AS1116-BSST driver with AT32UC3A1256 using SPI. I am able to read all the inputs and outputs in CRO(Clock, Data, Chip Select). But I am unable to display the output on seven Segment Displays. I have attached few snapshots of the output and Circuit Diagram of the Interfacing. I have attached the code also. Please help m
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hello, I've been trying to interface 4x4 hex keypad with pic16f877a using MPLAB X and XC8 compiler. My task is to get 4 individual key presses from matrix keypad and convert it into a 4 digit integer and display the 4 digit integer on multiplexed common cathode seven segment display having 4 seven segment devices. I am able to capture the k
Hi all.. I am trying to interface keypad and seven Segment display with 89S52. what i need to do is whatever keys are pressed from keypad, it should show on seven segment display. for Eg. if 2 is pressed from keypad then display should show 2. and so on. my code is... #include #include sbit row0=P2^7; //assigning P
Virtuoso is an embedded system virtual device framework, allowing any idea for an electronic product to be virtualized for development. Here we can simulate any micro controller with interactive interfacing like LED, Potentiometer, Gauge , seven Segment Display and so many things.
I have this seven-Segment Vacuum Display FG413D1 129780 I can't find datasheet on internet . I want to know how it's work ? I want to build digital clock by using this display .
Hi, Does anyone know of graphical IDE software for FPGAs, like EdSim51 or Moravia MCU 8051 IDE for micro-controllers. I am looking for a package where I can see the outcome of the code on seven segments, LCDs, serial ports, PS2 ports etc without having to actually program a development board. Thanks, Arvind Gupta.
i use a 4 digit seven segment display for my project. but it need to show a number in first 5 second and then other for 5 sec, then the previous one is shown and the loop will be continued. for this i use the program but it shows 0000 . ################################################# void loop() { print_seg(10.76); delay(5000
Hello I'm usnig ATmega8 with ADE7753, display on 4 digit seven segment. I already read/ write ADE7753 register's bits n display register's default value on 7-segment (e.g. I read MODE (0x09) register's default hex value (0x000C) and displayed on 4-digit 7 segment like 0012 in decimal). Means there is no issue with SPI communication, read/
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Hi Everyone i'm using PIC16f690 interface with two seven segment by 7447 im making 0 to 99 counter by using timer 0 of pic controller i write a code but it shows only ''0'' on my both 7 segment... can anybody please help me to figure out the problem Thanks The CODE IS... #include #define _XTAL _FREQ 400000
i am driving 8 seven segment display with max7219 multiplexing ic along with pic microcontroller. some times during power on max 7219 sets hanged by displaying all the 8 digits seven segment as and sets strucked but the pic micro is working. this happens only on power on once in 4 times approx. kindly help.
Good afternoon. I want to offer my services in PCB design. I have about seven years' experience in designing circuit boards of various interfaces and data transmission requirements: 10 gbps Ethernet, PCI, PCI-express, UART, with DDR3 memory onboard. I have knowledge of design of rigid-flexible circuit boards, circuit boards with blind and buried
Hi all.... i am trying to interface 2 digit x 3 seven segment with 89s52. one to show secounds, one for minute and one for hour. it works proper... the only thing is i does not stay stable.... i mean the display blinks. please help me where i am wrong code is.... #include #include unsigned char SetDisplay(unsigned char)
Dear all Can anyone suggest me any book where i can find seven-segment switching sequence for Vref in all sectors. In Bin Wu Book it is given for only sector1.
Hi there, I have 7 segment common cathode display, each segment look like on attached image, 5mm red color I will use 12VDC to drive it, total 2 seven segment common cathode display, for countdown show...
Hello everyone, I am confused about my BASYS2 FPGA board's common anode seven segment 4 digit display's function. In user manual(and also tested in Verilog code), the desired digit is enabled when the anode is driven to 0(e.g. to enable the rightmost digit the bus should be 1110 each of which represents the anode signal, respectively), which doe
HI,I facing a problem about seven segment multiplex in page whole code in page 1.when code writes in page 0 working perfectly.please advice me what is wrong? here it is, ORG 0X800 SSD MOVF REG1,w CALL TABLE DELAY MOVF REG2,w CALL TABLE DELAY RETURN TABLE ADDWF PCL,F RETLW 0 RETLW 1 RETLW 2 RETL
Hi all,,,, I just wanted to make a clock with alarm circuit using seven segment display. i just got the ready circuit from google. but i did not understood the dipslay's used in this circuit. am attaching the circuit.... please let me know what kind of display's are used in this circuit. because it was not even mentioned in the page i downloaded
Hi All, I am using the IBM process BiCMOS8HP. I have the following error from ASSURA LVS, from Cadence Virtuoso: Rule No. 78 : ###### seven levels of metal M1-M2-M3-M4-MQ-LY-AM ##### There is no mention in the documentation about Rule No. 78. Any one who knows about this error? Best Regards, Aba
need help to design the following switching in seven level inverter as shown in image attached with it using simulink matlab in simpower system plz help me to design following switching
My MikroC project, seven PIC16F72 MCUs connect to and read from DS3231 RTC module . My current code works fine ds3231 with single MCU. but malfunctioning when i try two or more MCUs. Mikroc have only soft_i2c for 16f72 . Please help me to set Master and Multi slave mode settings with soft_i2c. how can i assign slave address for each MCU? or sugg
Hi all, here i interface 4-seven segments(common cathode) with atmega8 (avr gcc compiler). My initial task is very simple that i need to display 0-9 on each display one by one... but i faced two problems.. 1) segments are not switching...means data is displayed on each segments not as per the MCU control. 2) digit "6" and "9" are no
There are too many terms required to generate the Q0 output. You require a part that has more terms. That's the way I remember it, too: that some of the outputs had fewer product-term inputs than others. But I can't find a data-sheet on line that shows that: they all have seven inputs, which should be enough. May
Hello! I am new to CPLDs... I am working on a project and in the middle it has been decided to include a more advanced LED panel than what was planned initially. This would require additional 40 to 45 IO pins than already available on the MCU. There is also a need for decoding the MCU output signal, eg binary to seven-segment. I thought of using
i have project in which i want to use 7 segment for two purpose, 1.. for display to set value 2.. for show adc value how can i get it
So, one times I generate in receptor the 3 bits (which if the 3 bits are 0 there is not error) to correct the seven bits I must put a and gates with that 3 bits (because 1-1-1 are seven) and the output of the and gates make the parity (with xor gates) whit the seven bits. right?
Hello Have to design and build a frequency counter for little project. Have a good grasp on the fundamentals but am so stuck on making this. I have made a multisim simulation of what I thought would work after much research, but it doesn't. 116519 When I simulate it, the displays don't display anything. If anyone k
hi, I have created a 32x7 led matrix using pic 18f2550 running at 48mhz(20mhz crystal) seven rows are scanned with cd4017 johnson counter 32 columns are driven by four 74hc595 shift registers scanning is done with a buffer array in timer0 overflow interupt at an in interval of 1.8 microseconds i made it to x-y addressable with the fo
Hello, I want to connect four 7 segment in multiplex mode with Atmega8 . Can some body give me sample code in Bascom_AVR and explain the working. Please do the need full. Bye
Hi there, I am trying to interface a HEX keypad with to display the key pressed on seven segment display. I am new to HEX keypads. I have read some theory about HEX keypads. But I am unable to make the decoder. Can anyone pls provide a sample code for it in VHDL (I am OK with seven segment displays). Thanks. Emma Good.
The ARM7TDMI-S processor has seven operating modes: ? User mode is the usual ARM program execution state, and is used for executing most application programs. ? Fast interrupt (FIQ) mode supports a data transfer or channel process. ? Interrupt (IRQ) mode is used for general-purpose interrupt handling. ? Supervisor mode is a protected mo
can someone help me with this project? I have my truth table, then need to simplify using karnaugh method but it is so long, help
Hi, I am very new to proteus and would much appreciate a little help. I have made a schematic in which to count with 2 seven segment displays. I thinkit is all working as I can see the red/blue switching colours. But the displays remain dark. I think I have them powered but nothing. They are common cathode. Any advice would be gratefully wel
It can be done but I dont think you will find 3 digit bi color seven segment displays and also you won't get colors with yellow and green. Even if you are not getting that take 3 numbers of bi color seven segment displays and connect the terminals together to work as 3 digits. For controlling the You will be having 2 enable pins in the display to
If I remember correctly, Bharat Electronics (BE) makes them, even jumbo size single seven segment LCD plates. may not be display modules. Coming to things like 16*2 20*4 etc modules, Hyderabad based LAMPEX used to make them. perhaps their registered office might have shifted to Mumbai. ps: here is their link
Dear sir good evening with due respect I need your help to create a seven segment led clock with RTC ds1307 using pic16f72. I have already designed the circuit diagram and I am sending you that in attachment and now I needs the source code of it please kindly help me. thank you.
Hi, internetuser2k13 Regarding your other forum post, Proteus does have seven segment leds, have a look at this
`micro controller at89c51 -dc motor -magnetic sensor -load sensors -automatic door open/close -audio notification -seven segment display -switches-and other component -how to done programming of micro controller -and give a new idea on this project give me a circuit diagram and told how interfacing with micro controller
2 common cathode 7 segments and pic 16f877a and mikroc pro for pic 2 transistors connected with RD0 and RD1 , the RD0 transistor is responsible about the tens digit and the RD1 transistor is responsible about the ones digit the 2 common cathode 7 segments are connected to portb code : char x,y=0; // x for ones and y for 10s char I;
Guys, How can I drive 5" seven segment x6 with MCU ? It's common anode, Thanks
Many apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question, but I was wondering if anybody could help figure out what this (see picture...BAD picture) is? Circuit has a GAL16V8B chip, a seven pin socket connector (4, and 3) and was inserted on an old comm equipment mobo into a 24 pin socket parallel to a UV prom. Is this possibly a one time UV
Check this link: - - - Updated - -
Hey,thank you Sir for the response I want to display on seven segment and I would like to be able to set the time,to update the system if possible.I am using PCF8583 not DSO1307. Thank you!!