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A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon an IN-9 Nixie linear display datasheet in Russian. Some fellow members (Prairedog and Altaero) in this forum, helped me translate it and my curiosity was piqued. I was able to obtain some IN-13 tubes on Ebay (they are longer and more linear) and after making some static displays, decided that it would b
Hi all. I am making a simple project where i need to display the contains of Array to seven segment display. for ex. unsigned char array={"1234"}; also i have four seven segment displays where i need to display 1 to segment 1, 2 to segment 2, 3 to segment 3, 4 to segment 4. common anode segments are connected to PORT 1 of 89S52 Microcontrol
I want to make a RTC clock with 4-digit 7seg disp which will display " HH:MM " in multiplex tech. I have 4 nos digit and each are of CA type. As the each single-digit has one DP and which is located on right side of the digit. As of " HH. " (H-ten, H-one , .Single Dot) is Ok and I have no problems, But to get one more Dot on upper portion to fo
I am trying to disp time ( only seconds) after extraxting from rtc-ds3231, code and header attached written in xc8 for 16f877a and also proteus ckt attached. With the all header files(as attaced), this was working well in 16/2 lcd, but problems is - not able to display in 7-segments.>> not getting any output at mcu pins for control and data pi
I'm helping my seven year old kid to demonstrate a metal filling coherer for his science project. He doesn't have strong fingers so can't squeeze a standard piezo electric lighter properly. So, I'm looking for some easy squeeze options to activate the coherer. I found that arc lighters are easy to operate with the press of a small switch and which
Pic16F73 50A PWM solar charge controller 12V,24V and 48V auto battery detect (connect battery first and then solar) conman anode seven segment display (display bat-V, Chg-Amp, and overload ) short circuit and overload detection optional relay output for external battery charger (when solar not available or not provide sufficient currant to batt
You need a 4-bit-to-seven-segment converter. This will map the sixteen 4-bit codes to enable the appropriate segments. For example, you can define the 7-segment display in a 7-bit register (segment A=bit 0, segment B=bit 1, etc.) Code Enabled segments 0000 A,B,C,D,E,F-->0111111 0001 B,C-->0000110 0010
When I use hfss, I create a unit that consists of a microstrip transmission line and port block, and then I duplicate it for another seven units. Each unit is set with a port line that is in the middle of the MTL like P1. But when I changed the width of MTL for optimization, the warning came up and the optimization stopped. It is strange that only
Hi all.. I have to make a project where i need to transfer the data's of seven segment display to other board using 89S52. I have one board where 4 seven segment display has been interfaced to port 0 of 89S52 (MAIN BOARD) using 10K External pull up resistor. i dont have the source code of this controller so cant make any changes to it. but what i
I think a "back to basics" electronics lesson is called for to avoid confusion. Each digit is a package containing seven segments and a decimal dot. The segments are made from one or more LEDs in a translucent resin and have an opaque filling around them so that light can't stray from one illuminated segment to another. Normally, all the ends of t
Hello, There are seven lighting companies in UK who design their own products?.. 1?Forge Europa in Ulverston, 2?EPA Excil in Normanton 3?Harvard in Normanton, 4?.VisionAlert in Leeds 5?.Pulsarlight in Cambridge 6?Mackwell in Walsall 7?Orbick in Walsall All of these are in the North of UK?.or rather, North of central Birmingham, and
Lots of complaining about capacitor shortages, in the press. But generally these distributors operate to maximize return on held inventory, which means keeping inventory to an acceptable minimum (and acceptable may be different when you're a $1B/yr company vs some "I'll take seven pieces" hobbyist). This is what they call "allocation".
The aim was to display the analog floating point value through a seven segment display(of a 3.3V ADC). The code is not working. module F_P(in,result,decimal ); input in; outputresult; outputdecimal; reg ex_decimal; reg fr_decimal; assign decimal = (in/4095)*3.3; ass
What is this ? Above the avatar, there is one member level number. And a 'Full' category At bottom, shows another level number. Level for what ? Then, a cubed bar showing one, or the other, or both, or something else. A colored portion of that cubed bar tells something else. And then another bar showing who knows what. And my two 'seven' y
Here I am using the lm35 temperature sensor with 8051 using adc0804 to display 2 digits temperature data in 2 seven segment display. i coulnot find the error either in the circuit or the source code. can u plz help me out with correction in circuit and code in c language..? program: #include #define adcport P1 sbit cs=P3^7
Original thread: Thank you for this project, i am trying to make something similar but with 2x12 segments who are multiplexed with 2x2 seven segments digits wich will be controlled by 3 inputs by 3 bit CMOS counter (000, 001, 010, 011 ... etc. 8 commands) wich digits will displ
There are seven d/f inputs from seven different module are received by one array have some value is already present in the that module. Now the first index value of array is assign to those module which has largest input value... and 2nd index value of array are assign to those module which has 2nd largest value and so on. it is als
Hello, have a good day. Noticed a "seven" in some members achievements. Seems to be years of presence on the forums. Will I get two of those some day or not deserved ? Thank you.
Hi, I am very new here and just getting the hang of cellular networking. My question is, in varsity, we learnt that every cell in GSM is allocated with some frequencies, or carriers. Each frequency carrier is divided in eight time slots. These time slots are what we call channels, or physical channels. Now, of these eight time slots pe
Hi Everybody! I'm happy to announce that after almost three years from my first book, The Art of PCB Reverse Engineering, and seven months in the works, this sequel book, PCB-RE: Tools & Techniques, is now available online for order on Amazon. 143750 This new book covers various industry practices on PCB reverse eng