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hello Guys im workin on 1000w inverter based on sg3524 circuit the basic problem is when the inverter starts it has unstable volt & frequency For about 1 sec any ideas ? thx guys John Here is the circuit i
This is EI iron core trafo originally used for 5kva stabilizer. l carefully disassembled it and found out the manufacturer's turn per volt which is TPV = 1.09 211T for 230V 220T for 240V My choice of this trafo is that they are lying around me and I have access to hundreds of them. So I want to put them into useful work Now I want to use thi
123353 here's the drive circuit although it needs more major revisions and haven't tested yet if you want to try it... try it on a breadboard and also 123354 for inverting i prefer search on google there are plenty of how to do this.... about the sg3524 try to read the datasheet because its kind o
Hi, I would like to simulate SGx524 IC using LTSpice, Proteus or Multisim. I've searched and tried everything I could find about this but none of them worked. Does anyone have a SPICE model or library that I could use to simulate any of this ICs? Thanks!
I was trying to make a push pull inverter using SG2524/sg3524/4047, but I can not find any PWM i.c in proteus, except some of expensive and high wattage modules. is there any i.c available in proteus library for PWM simulation, or is it possible to download above mentioned i.cs into the proteus library ? shall be thankful for your kind and wort
SG3525 is designed to drive push-pull converters and has no option to get 49 % duty cycle from a single output. You can connect an ORing circuit or use sg3524 with both open collector outputs parallel connected. Unfortunately it's not suited to drive MOSFETs without a buffer stage.
Hello Please am new here i need a sg3525,sg3524 using Iris h bridge dc to ac inverter circuit diagarm
please can someone help me with a 12vDC to 300vDC booster converter circuit diagram of sg3524:?: please i really need it
Do you think its a good to use error amplifier for pv emulator? I mean taking '-' and '+' for current reference and and feedback purpose(and generating PWM) or would it wise to use external PI controller and use the ICs comp pin for custom PWM control. I am using buck converter pv emulation.
The question sounds confused, because SG3525 is a PWM control circuit. What you probably mean is how to connect a buck switcher to the IC. SG3525 has two outputs with < 50 % duty cycle, so you would need to combine both outputs to drive the buck switch. sg3524 provides a simpler way to get > 50 % output duty cycle, so it's usually preferred.
sg3524,25,26,0R42 has no library in proteus so you can not simulate it but i can send you some pwm chip library for proteus or you can search in the forum you will see it.
please suggest me full bridge mosfet driver circuit or ic.i have used sg3524,tl494,Sg3525 and ne556,cd4013 combined. problem with SG3525 is its high cutoff voltage.while ne556,cd4013 gives output but on load it gets distorted.
What are you using it for? Is it for converter or inverter? Will the MOSFETs be made up of BJTs or MOSFETs. The sg3524 IC messed me up sometime ago because it has insufficient dead time and using it to drive MOSFETs directly at hgher frequency created a problem. Please consider the SG3525 IC which solved the problems listed above.
If you check my profile, you will discover that about a month ago I had the same problem. I have the following to tell you: The sg3524 Ic has insufficient dead time to switch the MOSFETs ON and OFF very well. Consider adding a totem pole arrangement to the output of the IC to fully drive the MOSFET. Try using a driver IC like IRF2110 or TL527. I la
Pin 10 of sg3524 is shutdown pin. You need to sense your load either from the sources of your fets or from the output of the inverter. logical 1 on pin 10 will shutdown the inverter and protect your output.
good evening everyone,please my sg3524 pin 14 and 11 output are misbehaving,1 need a frequency of 50HZ which i was able 2 get but the voltage at that pins are 0.5v which i was not able to increase,even if i want to use a driver incorporating a transistor,it means i need a good amount of current to drive them,but with d output am having i can achiev
Dear Sir In my inverter there is a IC sg3524(16 pin ic) used for osscilation & pin 11 & pin 14 used for Mos drive voltage, as we know when these voltage has any type of difference then mosfet is blow out. Plz suggest me to some modification in circuit if any voltage diffrence found in both mos drive voltage then s
Hi for all Iwant to Know what is the main difference between sg3524 And SG3525
I want to make a current limiting to 1 ampere on the converter to charge the rechargeable battery? I use sg3524. thanks.
The totem pole can both sink and source current, whereas the sg3524 output can do only one - sink or source. So, you have to rely on a resistor to do the other. If you configure the sg3524 output to sink current, you rely on a pull-up resistor to source current. If you configure the sg3524 output to source current, you rely on a pull-down (...)