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If you need to measure rotational frequency of your motor there are all sorts of encoders or mount magnet on motor shaft and use Hall effect pick-up. ... Just guessing
Providing you have a motor shaft that is mechanically linked to your moving mechanism it will work. Frank
Incremental?...absolute?...environment?...speed?...hollow shaft? Ken
I've building a device that needs to sense when a shaft has turned 360. My current prototype uses a Hall-Effect sensor, with a magnet on the shaft. However, it is quite critical as to the distance from the shaft, and I really don't want them to touch. I've also tried a light sensor, but this was worse. I can't mount a sensor wheel on (...)
Interfacing Micro-controllers with Incremental shaft encoders
How do I connect the US Digital e4p encoders to my motors mechanically? Can i just extend the shaft motor and attach them or do i have to make a gear mechanism?
encoders encoders use rotating disks with optical windows, as shown in Figure. The encoder contains an optical disk with fine windows etched into it. Light from emitters passes through the openings in the disk to detectors. As the encoder shaft is rotated, the light beams are broken. There are two fundamental types of (...)
Optical shaft encoder or magnetic disk and hall sensor will do the same job, as far as speed measurement is concerned .. I would go for a disk with magnets and hall sensors, simply beacuse this option is less expensive than shaft encoders .. Rgds, IanP
I think these encoders have an advantage at installation. Are these at standart size and fit to motor shafts perfectly? What about costs according to the other types?
hello friends, I've already posted a message about quad. encoders, but as the project goes more problems arises. Actually I've a hardware that is able to count the pulses and tell the direction, but when I connected the encoder in the shaft of the AC motor sometimes it miscounts or bad counts the pulses I guess it's due to vibration in the st