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Let's say I want to draw a complicated shape which will be used as a component, like an antenna for example. Let's say I want to have it in a sort of library, so I can use it many times whenever I want. First I tryied to draw the antenna as a footprint and link a component in my schematic to it, like we do for any chip. But I was not able to draw
Hi i exported shape while importing i got some issue which is mention in below ERROR(SPMHDB-187): shape boundary may not cross itself. Unable to paste object of type "shape" on layer BOUNDARY/L19_PPS FORCE3 at (149. 325 -363.6468)
As per Shabu those are negative planes, you can do two thing to analyze properly 1.chnage to positive shapes 2.Import the Gerber in cam and invert the layer..
hi, display-->user preference-->Display-->shape --->display shape fill analysis--> 2 (enter value 2 )
Hi All, I am in the process of cleaning up my RF design and I noticed these rugged clearance of the copper pour on my rf structure. I am supposed to maintain a 15 mils trace to copper pour clearance or in the case of rf structure (shape to shape clearance of 15 mils). I have already set my constraint manager to this
Hi, For my first design with allegro 16.5, I need your help for a simple action. I placed a shape (GND) and now I need to insert vias in the right position. I try to copy a via but impossible to add in the shape after the copy action, and I can see something very simple like "Add via".
Hello, I did this package with a costume pad on allegro 16.3: 81936 So my problem is when Im routing, because the centers of the pads are the same or it's in the same place. Sombody knows who to fixes? I trying on the shape file changing the center but when you save de padstack this is the message: PA
It should work much like allegro, and if you select the shape then right click and got to parameters there should be an option in one of the tabs to select connection type. Select the smd pins and change to full contact
Hi Anonymous _Ricky, I tried your option i got fillet like shapes,Please view the addes image.
Hello! I want to create a large opening in the middle of my pcb,a shape like a swiss cross. How can I draw polygon holes in allegro? Normally, when creating mechanical symbols I place a through hole pin with the dimensions I want for the particular hole, but I can only create rectangular or circle pins... What do I do for polugon-shape (...)
hi everyone , currently i am learning PAD2005 and 2007. how to take sub drawing from my board and how to export() or import sub drawing in PADS2005??? usually in allegro we took sub drawing for trace ,via ,shape like that how can i take sub drawing from my board ?? is it possible??
Hello all, I am designing a two-layer PCB in allegro PCB Designer. (My school has a T-Tech machine that this job will be sent to.) I would like to route signals on the top and leave the bottom as a ground plane with a few short routes on the bottom. I have both layers in the stack-up set up as positive artwork signal layers. The bottom layer is
Hello all I'm trying to create the artwork files in allegro. but the drill file has a problem. it gives me the following error: shape at (75.00 283.00) contains void at (75.00 283.00) which touches another shape. You need to manually resolve this problem. this is a GND layer and the shape is the GND (...)
In Cadence allegro PCB (and many other tools), thermal relief usage is a parameter of the shape definition, not of the padstack. In addition, the properties of individual placed pins should be editable. In case of doubt, i would search the PDF or HTML documentation for the respective keywords.
Hello, Does anyone know if there is a way to modify the coordinates of an already placed shape in allegro? For example, changing the coordinates that define a rectangle. The most I've been able to find is right clicking the selected shape and clicking "Show Element". This brings up a text box with the exterior boundary that defines the (...)
Hello, First you have to draw your board shape (board geometry/outline). If you don't have any error message during the netlist importation, you can go to place-->manually and then pick your components and place them on your PCB. There is also automatic method to place component (around the board for example). Regards, Franck.
hi, please check the shape report.. all the shapes should be in smooth.
Hello all. I am using allegro PCB Editor 15.2. I had three GND planes and a power plane created with dynamic copper pours. Naturally, once I created them I turned off their visibility. At some point, when I turned them back on I noticed that the planes were making full contact with vias that they were not electrically connected to. This occurs
I am using allegro 15.7. Here I use "circular Sahpe" for pin1 indicator in silk screen. and in shape fill property it is 'static solid' . it is working for me with uot issues. Regarding the DXF I also face some issues like unfilled shape,missing texts etc.
There are 2 ways you can do this. For positive Plane: Just add a Route Keepin providing enpugh clearance from the boundary. Then select the shape, in the options tab select the etch layer, type of shape and assign the net name. Then draw the shape in the board covering the required area and close the shape. Select the (...)