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I hope you realize the complexity goes up when you try to do parallel current sharing and with your wide range of input voltages, thermal runaway adds to this complexity or efficiency which are tradeoffs. The single bypass design is not scaleable to multiple PNP's. When they are connected in parallel, the current through the group may vary due
Hi, is there a touchstone model sharing group? It would make sense to have a website where common parts like connectors (VPX, compact-PCI, PCIe-card-edge, SATA, RJ45) and cables (like CAT-5/6/e UTP, SATA...) have already created touchstone s-parameter files available for download. When I do system simulation, I can get my PCBs accurately simu
This OrCAD library sharing: OrCADexchange : OrCAD library sharing
Lots of libraries can be downloaded here: . The group was set-up specifically for library sharing. Of course, you can always create the component yourself. L297 and L298 are relatively small parts. BTW, your written English is pretty good.
Colleagues, I have started to use OrCAD (my lab has a site license), and found that capture libraries are missing many useful parts. I'm drawing them myself, and I've set up a yahoo group to share the libraries. You're invited to join! Now we have a lot of capture (.olb) and layout libraries (.llb). In particular, there are many libraries
Hello everyone we are a group of student of Nepal. We launched an electronic website with a hope that it will provide much help for the beginners, hobbiests of electronic. We are the student of electronic and communication engineerings. Please help us sharing your ideas, tips, programms, projects, etc www.elxproject.c
Thanks for you quick answer. Win2000 computer has all required boxes selected, both in sharing and Security. I tried to add printer in a different way by using computer name \\Computer2\Kyocera but it still asks me for a password and it is NOT the network password. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had the same problem with PICs, and I couldn't find a site to download the libraries. I ended up making my own libraries, but I have also started a Yahoo group dedicated to sharing the OrCAD libraries . You're welcome to join. The libraries are in the "files" section. May be the library you're lo
Good day, We are a group of five sharing a DSL connection at 256 Kbps. The lowest speed possible for one user should be 6.4 KB/s when all users are working together. One of the users is using download accelerator and by this he is the only one making use of the DSL connection as the speed become aroud 700 byte/s for other users. Is there a
*sigh* Well, OrCAD doesn't have a great library support by itself. There's a yahoo group dedicated to sharing the OrCAD libraries. There are lots of libraries for the embedded circuit design: microcontrollers, sensors, interface chips, etc.
Yes Mr. inglaof the group is new but it will grow as time will pass. This particuler group is nice for sharing Elektor related things. To grow this group we have to invite people and some what publicity between people.
The general solution to current sharing is to put small resistors in series with each diode and put the group in parallel. There should be a few tenths of a volt drop across the resistors at the maximum current. This will produce added losses. This should only be done if you cannot get a single diode that can handle the required current.
Hello everyone, Is it possible for a group of GSM mobile devices(transceivers of course) to share one GSM antenna. I have heard that similar devices exist, but on the other hand how do they prevent permanent damage of the receivers inputs during transmission phases of other GSM devices connected to the same antenna. Is this really possible and a