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Have you added Port symbols with the same designator to interconnect these sheets, both in the upper sheet and in the lower sheet ? I don't remember if it is also required, but perhaps you have to add Net names ( obviously, identical ) to the wires where these Ports are connected.
Hi, I have a top level composite symbol (SDRAM) and I would like to copy the symbol and the schematic sheet because I dont want to draw everything again. Actually I have copied the block in the navigator, so I already have two schematic sheets. But when I copy the composite symbol then I have to symbols referencing to the same schematic. (...)
Hi Dear, I can only tell you the following. On the first hand, you can delete the rooms at all, but if you get use to with Rooms, these are very useful during your design. If you use Hierarchical design methodology and repeat a single sheet many times (in form of sheet symbols) you will get an individual room for each (...)
Hi, I'm getting a "duplicate net names bus slice" error. I would like to use a sheet symbol multiple times, something like the attached. It is, essentially, a repeat (which Altium recognizes and creates the correct channel repeats). How can I name these buses (there are 6 sheet symbols like this) such that the error is
I'm making a schematic, and I'm doing it vertical style with sheet symbols, from what I understand, ports are used to go into sheets, pass connectivity vertically, and net names are used within a sheet... but when I get within a sheet with a port and I tie that port to a net name, when I compile I get a (...)
Hi, Have anyone tried creating a heterogeneous symbol with say 5 parts using pin list in an excel sheet ? If I split the excel sheet into five different gates (of the same part) and import them to make five different parts in Orcad, can they be finally merged into one single entity ?
I cannot try it at the moment, so it may be wrong, but it may be possible to 'invoke' the next gate on a new sheet by the command line. So instead of clicking on invoke and then the symbol on the first sheet, go to your new sheet and type 'invoke ...' in the command line. You would need to look up the syntax for the command - it will be in (...)
Hello, I am using altium 7 to design an H-bridge. I wanted to create a single schematic for a generic gate drive, and use 4 sheet symbols referencing the same schematic to implement my H-bridge gate drive. Is there a way to utilize sheet symbols in this manner? I have yet to found a way to do this, and my (...)
use excel sheet to develope the part add a varriable symbol and name them numerically. like those pins having same varriable name will be grouped together. varriable symbol start with 1,2,3 ... this is for concept hdl for capture use the hetrogenous option while creating the part binu g
The first impression after running D X P was: "total mess". It has many new functions and improvements but one doesn't need to switch from Protel99 to DXP immediately. Many of the new functions will not be used at all by the designer although many of them are very usefull. For instance, you can edit component symbols directly on the sheet (moving c