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post your script or example script which is trying to switch shells.
Ingenious! Every detail is plain. Good job! There have been times I wanted to make something the size and shape of a battery. Now I look around and I see I have plastic syringes from inkjet refill kits but it never occurred to me to turn them into battery shells.
Both small loop and stub antenna will give similar near field signals from harmonics of SMPS pulse currents. The small loop may be easier to locate the source of emissions, but often the conducted emissions become radiated via the interface cables, so these should be well shielded and use large ferrite donuts or clamped C shells around interface
Cheapest price in circular thread mount comes in plastic shells with less expensive pin plating. Depending on requirements, I would lean towards automotive connectors.
setenv is a shell command, only in certain shells. The C shell is Cadence's general assumption; what is yours?
You have to be very careful with scripts as different shells will strip the the quotes away before passing them to vlog. You can use a SystemVerilog technique to add the quotes inside your source so you can use vlog +define+SIMFILE=file1.sim In your source, you can do `define QUOTE (str) `"str`" f = $fopen(`QUOTE(`SIMFILE));
For Bash-compatible shells, you're supposed to use "." (a dot instead of "source") but anyway... Check out this thread: Installation of ISE 13.2 on Ubuntu Linux (I have replied in there as well) Also there's a
What are the other linux shells available other than BASH ......
try to use other shells. else there must be problem with ur installation kit
This problem seems to be a big challenge. I do not know why there are no any spice-like simulators with matlab-like shells?
I am not sure is it proper place to ask but it seems to be like that. 1.What are the differences between different shells in Linux: bash,csh,tcsh,... 2.And what are the relations between these and different file types as :.#rc , .csh , .bash# for example : I found all exist in the user folder when I try to set environmental variables
UNIX(R) shells by Example by Ellie Quigley
The xilinx EDK enviroment is quite complex can't be described simply .For one reason is always changing .. You should refer to the development Flow to understand how to use it .But because is based a lot on Gnu also a good idea to learn how gnu/unix development works i mean gcc gdb ,make and some script languages or shells
I tried Cver with Cadence OMI model. It looks like Cadence model packager only support PLI with VCS/MTI by document. Is there a workaround way? Thanks. Loading mmAffirmaBootstrap ... **./IPs/foo/top/shells/top_pli.v(107) USER PLI ERROR** Model Manager 'Cadence Model Manager' detected error: Not supported:
Hello i want to write a shell script that can be able to change the shell, i.e. i wrote a code that can run correctly in bash and not in csh, so, i want to add something in the code so that it automatic can change the shell to bash, whatever the current shell is, and after finishing , it automatically reload the previous shell.... thanks
Which shell do you use? Job control is different with different shells. For example, for zsh you should use &| or &! to terminate the command line.
1. Unix Uleashed Third Edition SAMS. By Robin Burk 2. Unix shells By Example Ellie Quigley PRENTICE HALL
This is one of many commercial versions of the free SPICE program from the US university at Berkeley. Each commercial version has some added user shells. The H version has more user selected parameters for the convergence methods. Therefore it is more powerful in the hands of a skilled user but more difficult to learn to use.
The differences between shells are their set of commands and features. You can choose any shell you are familiar with. For using IC5.0, just set the correct variables anf paths in you profile.