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This is a simple project shows an interfacing of the microcontroller PIC12F615 with Lcd display. This interfacing uses only two lines one for data and the other for clock. A shift register is used here to receive data from the microcontroller and then send it to the Lcd display. A MikroC library called Serial Lcd display must be installed. (...)
Hi everybody:) I'm doing a project with PIC to check connection of wire hardness. A wire hardness have two housing, once housing have a 32 pins, connection parallel from one pin of 1st housing to one pin of 2nd housing. I'm building a circuit using 4 shift register IC ( 74HC595) to output and using 4 74HC165 IC to input as a schematic (...)
it's true that USB is very difficult for beginners, so i want to ask you a few questions... - why do you want a gamepad in your project? if it's for generic input I suggest you a simpler shift register like the SNES gamepad or a SPI interface for a Playstation dual shock 2 (you can even get the analog values! and vibrate the controller!!!, (...)
OK, I'm working on a project using a PIC microcontroller and multiple shift registers (74HC595). Right now I'm using a PIC16F1829, but that's not terribly important to my questions, as I'm learning some of this along the way. Here's the goal: I want the circuit to be able to take a number and display it on a 4 digit 7 segment display, (...)
Hi, In a project which I'm building i need to send and receive data between a shift register (CD43034B) and a pic (pic16f877). the SR is a bidirectional one and its role is to send and receive a frequency to and from the PIC, whom checks the change in the frequency. Therefore there's data been sent all the time, and I need to Know (...)
Hi. I am working on a project in which I have to make a 7 segment display to work controlled by PIC16f887. i am writing the code in Assembly language. the pic would generate serial data which is given to 74hc164n (8 bit serial in parralel out shift register). the output from 74hc164n is given to the 7 segment display.
To see the config, use the keys CTRL + shift + E. Post the full project!!!
74HC595 is an 8-bit serial in parallel out shift register. What do you want to do..?
Hi, I'm new using simvision, I have a project with verilogfiles that I want to simulate in SimVision. In order to do that simulation,I want to use a Command Line Script to force the inputs to Logic Values including the Clock, run 10 ns. After that it is forcing all inputs again to other values (e.g. a shift register). The problem is (...)
Hi all! I am doing an lcd project using the shift register. To start with the shift register i had written a small code with the circuit diagram. But i am not getting the output i need. Kindly help My code: ========================= #include #define output PORTBbits.RB15 #define (...)
That was what I had in mind when I said "I wonder what kind of project requires five mcu." You only need one mcu to do your circuit , you can use one shift register 74HC595 to drive the display segments in parallel and multiplex them (light one at a time switching in a fast rate). You can also use one shift (...)
how about creating the shift register yourself?
In mikroC, the configuration settings must be done here: project > Edit project (Cntrl + shift + E). Not in code. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
I wirte a project in Quartus that use one of the MegaWizard Plug-in blocks. (shift register) MegaWizard say simulation library is altera_mf; so in modelsim after compile in "start simulation" window ,"libraries" tab, I add altera_mf to search libraries. but this error come up I'm new in ModelSim, what should I do? cd {D:/My Desktop/Assi
Hi friends, While making attempt to work on scrolling display project I am facing a peculiar problem of shift register 74HC164. As a test, I entered a message "WELCOME". When the message scrolls, the 9th column connected to Q0 of second shift register does not lit. I have tested the (...)
Hi all, Firstly, i am new to this forum. Kindly forgive me if i am posting this in wrong thread or if anybody has already asked and answered. Currently i am trying to work on my digital circuit project. In my circuit i have 555 timer, and some other basic digital ic chips, eg gates, shift register, counter, and comp
i am using 89s52 and displaying data on the 4 seven segment with 4 4094(shift register).. Which part of help you want from here? i mean hardware or software? Because the 1st post says you are using 89s52 and displaying data. Does that mean you have already done most of the part?
how many LEDs? had a similar project proposal several years ago with 10000 LEDs built a prototype with each LED color and intensity controlled by a PIC16 using PWM - data was shifted into the the PIC16s by a PIC32
16 seven segment, every seven segment have 8 output. So, can do matrix connection in form 16X8 matrix. Here example 16X8 matrix (but in LED). Other option, you can extend output using shift register 74595.
Hi folks. I have been doing a project for uni where i am using shift registers to convert a 4bit number to serial and then back to parallel. I have written the code below and simulated it, and it seems to work fine, however when i have actually built the circuit it is not functioning at all as expected. -This is only the fir