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mydata=0x8000; mydata>>=1; Now, mydata becomes 0xC000; That's the expectable result if mydata is signed int (arithmetic shift). You may want to use an unsigned int data type.
You need to review the available functions of the used libraries. For STD_LOGIC_ARITH SHR() performs an arithmetic right shift of signed signals. I don't follow your statement about complexity caused by the delta() function. It's not much different from a SHR() or SRA() implementation in other libraries. A fixed shift (...)
Actually, in first case three times right shift of -27 is calculated which is -4(9'b000111100) and is stored in register of signed type, so it is stored as -4. Then it is added with x0 (which is 1) and becomes -3. But in second case, after the calculation of three right shifts of -27, result is not stored in signed format (...)
I hope it can help Overview VHDL code
Who can modify the HDL code for the single-cycle MIPS processor to handle SRA(shift right arithmetic)...?? ------------------------------------------------------------ -- mips.vhd -- and 30 May 2006 -- Single Cycle MIPS processor -----------------------------------------
This is explained better with an example: Logical shift: shift right number 1010 several times: 1) 0101 2) 0010 3) 0001 4) 0000 MSB is always filled with zero. arithmetic shift: shift right number 1010 several times: 1) 1101 2) 1110 3) 1111 4) 1111 (...)
Hi all, I am going to implement "Floating Point arithmetic" for my Prediction Circuit, but i have no idea how to represent this arithmetic in term of hardware. Basically, i know i need some kinda of shift register or ALU....For shift register. shift left means "x2" or "1/2" when rotate (...)
VHDL93 includes built-in shift operators: sll (shift left logical), srl (shift right logical), sla (shift left arithmetic), sra (shift right arithmetic) See SRL is what u require.. tut..
Operator: sla shift left arithmetic operator. Example: Addr <= Addr sla 8; Operator: sll shift left logical operator. Example: Addr <= Addr sll 8; Operator: sra shift right arithmetic operator. Example: Addr <= Addr sra 8; Operator: srl shift (...)