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hi, Velocity saturation occurs in both the long channel and short channel devices. we are in era of short channel devics (feature size≤1um). velocity saturation takes place much earlier than the expected pinch off (...)
In EECS240 Prof.Boser....can some one tell me what is V* as a function of Vgs? long channel: V*=VGS-Vth short channel: What is relation between V* and VGS-Vth? I dont want to know that V* is the saturation voltage and it is same as VDSAT in BSIM3 (...)
If you use long transistors in 0.13u you can still use the same old formulas - as long as the short channel effects are not vey pronounced. For shorter channels - well what ever you use will be still inaccurate. You have to adjust by simulation. In this (...)
You're right - level49 is too complex to find KP etc. in it. Don't forget that Level1 models which you use for hand calculations were derived for long channel transistors (1u,2u..) where you don't have the short channel effects that you see in 0.18u and that (...)