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With longer channel lengths you avoid the short channel effects (sic!) and achieve better matching (if necessary). If you need to keep the same W/L ratio, the consumed area rises with the square of L . and area costs money.
if there anyone who knows that at what length the short channel effect will disappear
threshold voltage decreases as channel length decreases. For a long channel device, the depletion layer thickness at the source end of the channel and at the drain end of the channel are much less than the (...)
What a textbook long channel device does, and what a short channel real device does, diverged a few decades back. Lambda for starters, add in DIBL and you're nowhere near Kansas anymore.
Hello, What are the boundaries between so-called short and long codes in CDMA applications. I read that in WCDMA, a version of long codes called pseudonoise (PN) codes are used, what is the advantage of using them? Also, regarding the channel estimation, what kind of differences would (...)
why long channel devices preferred in analog and short channel devices preferred in digital?
Hi, I am working with BSIM4 parameter... Can anyone help me for the value of random on-die variation for nFET and pFET. Thresholds for nFET (for short channel) & pFET (for long channel) are 0.28V & 0.32V respectively. Thank you..
Legacy short Training Field (L-STF) The legacy short training OFDM symbol is identical to the 802.11a short training OFDM symbol. The L-STF is BPSK modulated at 6 Mbps. It contains no channel coding, and is not scrambled. The L-STF has a period of 0.8 ?s. The entire short (...)
I am currently working on UMC 0.18um tech and i am trying to create my first op amp. I have been referring to R.Jacob Baker book and i find a specification for long channel Mos and short channel Mos for general analog design. Which depicts (...)
the channel length modulation, which is valid also for long channels, is very relevant in short channel MOSTs. In the simple parabolic equation, the lambda coefficient is inversely proportional to L, so for very short transistors the drain (...)
Please tell me the difference between long channel short channel cells. It would be great if you give info on the difference like 1) Delays 2) leakage power 3) Layout difference: what make them long and short (...)
Hi, Standard cell designers: Please tell me the difference between long channel short channel cells. It would be great if you give info on the difference like 1) Delays 2) leakage power 3) Layout difference: what make them long (...)
Hi everybody, short VERSION I need a relation between standard scenarios and space-correlation factor of the transmission matrix. long VERSION I'm working in a MIMO channel generator which only need 3 inputs (easy to don't concern the time of the simulations): - MIMO scheme (Tx (...)
is the SPICE MOS(BSIM3V3) model of 0.35um a long channel or short channel MOSFET? It is a model for 0.35um MOSFET. short-channel effects become prominent for channel lengths of 2um and (...)
The Formula gm=Id/V_over (V_over = Vgs-Vt) is not currect for short channel Transistors, and for long channel transistors it is only a good aprox for V_over>>0. I can see in your sumulation that your Baising is in beginning of the transist rigion from Satur. to subTt, try to (...)
in analog design , u don't use the minimum channel lenght ,specially to design bias network and bandgap reffernce , most of the time , the length is about 5 times the minimum ad this make the transistor awy for short channel effects , and it is closely (...)
what characteristics have you observed and both will be different because the short channel effects will deviate the behaviour from the predicted long channel behaviour,
Inside Simon Sze's Semiconductor Device Physics. There is a defination when will be short and when will be long. The effective channel length and electrical field are teh domain one. If from tehcnology bench mark, beow 0.25um it will be easy to get into short (...)
1. use Hi-Res resistor .. some process have un-dope poly close 1~3K/square , SRAM Hi-res have 1G~2G/squre and use long snake shape 2. use mos switch , but long channel > 20um you should know , spice model maybe have error in gerneal , spice model is fitting for short (...)
For long channel device Vod equal to Vdsat For short channel device There existed a lot of second order effects So Vdsat is not simply equal to Vod If you want to find out how the hspcie get the vdsat you can refer to the hspice manual, model level. While in (...)