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The HVIC's are not current sources but rather current limited switches. The pulsed short circuit current spec of 2A is based on a 15V supply and implies the RdsOn is 7.5Ω. This article from Fairchild explains more factors and details on Rg.
You made a mistake in your Zout calculation. In this circuit Ib is not equal to 0A. To find Zout we "short" transistor base terminal to ground. But this "short" is only for AC signal. And this means the in real life we "short" transistor base to GND via large capacitor. So transistor is ON and still work (...)
The capacitor and resistor work together to limit the current to the LEDs. The resistor *can* be omitted but I would not recommend it because it's the only thing that saves a total meltdown if the capacitor goes short circuit (the usual failure mode). The calculation is best done in two stages, first find the total resistance needed to li
does any body know about ETAP & how to calculate short circuit on ETAP?
0.1-j300 is close to an open circuit, not a short. Plot it on a smith chart, you'll see the open. Your simulation seems fine. Mazz
Hi there, Anyone can show me how to calculate mutual impedance of 2 dipole antennas (one dipole is driven while one is short circuit) using input impedance obtained from NEC? I'm using this: Zmutual=sqrt. However, it didn't match with the calculation I used by Induced EMF Method.This method (EMF) matched with previous con
Thank for good tips. So far I search practical transformer calculation in short circuit mode. I think this is used for making transformer for welding. Correct me if I am wrong. Any advice or idea is welcome.
For calculating the output resistance, all inputs and DC bias sources are deactivated (replaced by short circuit if voltages ).This would cause a short between the gate and source of M1 (at small signal analysis) so it would be replaced by rds1 .For M2 both its gate and bulk are connected to ground so the upper 2 current sources can be (...)
Hi Guys, I would like to about the short circuit current parameter spell out in linear power supply data sheet eg lp2951. 1. What is this parameter used for ? is it considered in any calculation? 2. What is short circuit resistor? i have notice its placed before the input of regulators. How is the (...)
How to calculate the short circuit power in 2 cascaded CMOS inverter using winspice and the Dynamic power calculation too. also how do I determine the short circuit current PMOS current and NMOS current? also how to determine the charging and discharging current? (...)
Electrical Designer's Reference (EDR) is a source for electrical calculation software including General Purpose Voltage Drop, Series Voltage Drop, Fault Current or short circuit Current, and Motor circuit Fusing/circuit Design. The EDR is intended for the benefit of all Electrical Professionals, including (...)

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