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Respected sir, I have started design newly in hfss but could know how to design shorting pin at the edge of the circular patch in hfss, please kindly know me how to build shorting pin
Hello every body, I'm student, i have to do a PIFA antenna with coxiale Feeding. I have designed the antenna but i can't assign the materiel of the : shorting pin = Copper Ground = Copper and the material of the two cylindres of the coaxiale Cable. Can any one help me to configure the antenna using HFSS. The PIFA antenna operate with the
Hi! I'm currently working on a circuit that has a SC4501 boost converter IC on PCB. I was testing the PCB yesterday and I shorted the input of the IC. It then started to draw more current as if it was shorted out. I tested what was wrong and it seems that the VCC pin has fried. The input voltage at the time of testing was 7V. I then noticed
1. Length of horizontal part and height. Plus length of ground plane 2. shorting pin is like matching inductor - changes the impedance 3. Increase height. Change length of ground plane - these are 'first order' ideas. All the parameters are inter-dependent. And depend on your specific geometry. You have to play with geometry to see how it reacts.
shorting OP output with a capcitor, either 1 nF or 0.22uF, causes instability and in case of doubt self oscillation. Secondly, there must be a bias resistor after the 10 ?F capacitor.
can i short 4 and 12 and connect to gnd ? they are enable pins kindly help
Looks like RF picked up by the amplifier input (or possibly other amplifier terminals). Not sure if this will ever work satisfyingly on a breadboard. Series resistors (e.g. 1 - 2k) directly at the amplifier inputs may help, also small SMD capacitors (10 - 100 pF) shorting the inputs against the a nearby ground pin.
the circular match antenna raidus is taken as 27.7mm While modelling the coaxial probe feed to patch , the inner and outer diameters of the probe are taken as 1.3mm and 4.1mm respectively. it is loacated at a radial distance of 9.9mm fromthe center of patch towards its cicrcumference. A shorting patch is located at center with radius 0.5mm is conne
Hi team! I'm struggling to figure out why I keep frying a 5V regulator and a PIC controller on a very simple LED strobe system! I designed two simple cards, one with a PIC controller, and the other with a linear current limiter (using an LM338) and a mosfet (IRF510A). The PIC just creates a flash sequence which drives the mosfet and flashes
Dear all I have made mirostrip antenna with shorting circuit techniques to reduce the size of the antenna, but it produced very little bandwidth. so T replaced the shorting pin with 1 ohm chip resistor. when I simulate in software CST Microwave, Realized gain antenna is about-32dB. Why the value of this gain is negative? Thanks you Ikaaini
The layout shown, can result in a good antenna when measures are well chosen. The resonance at 7 GHz is likely due to a higher resonating mode. For example a quarter wave whip that is resonant at say 300 MHz, can also resonate in a 3/4 wavelength mode (around 900 MHz), but the radiation pattern is different. You can see this from the current di
How can i make shorting pin in cst software thanks.
hi friends,i got another MB with no display problem.a hard disk fall over I/O ic.and its pin got damaged i removed it.and turn on MB without I/O:-D.i turn on MB forcefully ie {shorting the smps black green wire}.i had change RAM,PROCESSOR & SMPS. i tried with pci,agp card tooo. 89960
aren't you worried about them shorting out?
Hello I wish to connect the Anode and "N/C" pins of the BAT750 schottky diode with the same copper pour area for cooling this ok?......or will i be shorting out the anode?.....the datasheet doesnt say whether the "N/C" pin is perhaps connected to either anode or cathode? BAT750 Datasheet
pc smps problem please help standby voltage 5v is there and ps-on green pin shows 2.5v but when shorting ps-on and ground it not start how to check step by step ? i think if standby 5v is ok then the input side or primary side of smps is ok the problem is in output circuit .
Hello, If i short the comp pin to ground with a BJT in the LM3429, will it make it do soft start? i asked on forum, but no answer there.
as u have done it b4 this mean there comes some problem with ur h/w or ur justify ur pc hyperterminal by shorting 2,3 pin of db9
Hello people! I have designed a probe-fed slotted patch antenna (so as to have a really small size) with a shorting pin which resonates at 402 MHz, but the bandwidth is terribly small! I've read about the technique of chip resistors, but i have no idea of how to create such a thing using HFSS designer! Any ideas? P.S. if you have a better sol
If it is a DRC marker then check you Preference settings for DRC marker size but it seems or to be a track which is giving drc error because it is shorting pins of connector to Mounting hole. There is no option like mechanical pins in Altium you cab define as other pins aand give them any pin name as to (...)
try shorting Rx and Tx pin of your computers DB9 port and sending some data? this will check if the fault is in your computers DB9 port.
is it possible if we short the Tx and Rx pin of 8051 for serial communication then the transmitted data will be recieved The 8051 serial port is full duplex; in other words, it can transmit and receive data at the same time, so if you 'loop' the path by shorting Tx and Rx you should receive tha same data .. See
Hi All, I'm currently evaluating Altium 10 on a small project. I want to intentionally connect a one pin from a connector to an internal DGND plane (negative plane). However this pins is from a different net. I cant add the "short circuit" rule to this net since I only want it to short to DGND at one pin and not at all (...)
First, check whether your serial port is transmitting by shorting pin 2 and 3 of the serial port :).. I t will echo back the character to your pc. ---------- Post added at 05:23 ---------- Previous post was at 05:14
I am trying to do a simulation for a msa with shorting wall. I drew it but I dont know what I need to assign on shorting wall for radiaton or ext. Could anybody hepl me for this?
5 volts thru a 2:1 divider would present 2.5 volts to the input. Your reference should also be 2.5 volts. By exceeding the 3.3 volts input on pin 7 you have damaged the pin 7 input, shorting the input protection diodes. You'll need to start over with another chip. The software needs only to recognize that 5-volts is = to 2.5 on it's (...)
Hi, I'm trying to simulate an antenna with two patches. One of them is the driving patch, and it's feeded with a probe feed. It also has a shorting pin connected to ground. The other patch is the parasic patch, and has just a shorting pin connected to ground. How can I combine a probe feed and a shorting (...)
dear all kindly any one can help with use of shorting pin in ie3d. i have designed a square patch antenna to resonate at 5 GHz but not able to reduce the design size using the shorting pin. help also required if there is any way to calculate the parameters for shorting pin. regards (...)
Is no formula to find the impedance of PIFA. There is a formula to get approximate resonant frequency having the dimensions of the planar element. Length + Width = λ/4 The impedance matching is obtained by positioning the feeding point and ground shorting pin on the planar element.
Hi, Neil: Your antenna is a modified inverted-F antenna. The probe and the shorting pin form a very small loop (compared to wavelength). It is causing very strong current concentration in that region. The strong current concentration there is causing much metallic loss even the sigma = 4.9e7 s/m. You will see the return loss is reduced significa
With the chip powered, I would ramp each input pin from 0 to 1.0V and 0 to -1.0V and watch if there is a diode short clamping the voltage at around 0.6V. This would indicate the input gate is blown shorting one of the pmos or nmos transistors of that input to Supply or ground. For CMOS inputs, they should pass this test.(assuming none of the (...)
There are several options to get connectivity between shorting pin and ground plane: In case they intersect: 1) Substract short pin from ground plane (save the original shape option has to be selected) 2) unite them In case they don't intersect just leave them as they are, but you have to verify that are touching each other (same (...)
I am making a scrolling msg display, usart communication is used to give data directly to display from keyboard and i am shorting rb4 pin with rx pin of usart. If any interrupt comes i want to go to 0x0004 (interrupt vector address) and write a program for usart reception. Please help me to write program in #org 0x0004h location. I am (...)
Does anyone have an example (preferably HFSS) of a Microstrip Patch Antenna with shorting pin at 2.4 GHz??? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Why don't you use PIFA? Your design is more or less close to PIFA without the shorting pin. Anyway, in your simulation, the feeding was not correctly setup. I tried to change the feeding to get some results. However, it's not the best way to do it. Take a look at the attachement. you need to change the dimensions to get better results at your de
how shorting pin is inserted between ground and radiating patch in IE3D? There are multiple ways: 1. Entity->Conical Via and provide (r1, z1) and (r2, z2). 2. Draw the cross-section of the via on a purpose layer. Select it and use ADV EDIT->BUILD HOLES AND VIA FROM SELECTED POLYGONS.
As with any antenna, increase the (electrical) volume. So you can increase the distance between groundplane and patch as well as the patch width. If you use a dielectric, decrease dielectric constant; air is of course best. Also the wdith of the shorting pin influence on the bandwidth. More advanced methods make use of slots in the patch, parasi
Try shorting the contrast adjustment pin(pin3?) of LCD to ground.i have short the contrast adjustment pin(pin3) to ground be4 but still can't work! is there any other way? The contrast pin should not be shorted to ground. It should be slightly above ground. Use a pot and adjust it. (...)
Hi, Can anyone please give me a hint to add shorting pin in IE3D (MGrid) for microstrip antenna...? thanx
My avr microcontroller board has been working fine. somehow, I now I measure 35Ω between Vcc and Gnd. I can not think of what is the cause of the problem. In the process of the modification to the board I later realize that I shorted the two PWM pins together ( they are also general IO pins ). Would that have cause the porblem?? (...)
Hey all, I'm trying for some time now to design a patch that will have resonance at the GSM band (900MHz) as well as the DCS band (1800MHz). I used a slotted bent lines, a shorting pin, a parasitic patch, aperture coupled and just couldn't do it. The problem is that a good VSWR is not enough, I also need that the pattern in both bands w
Respected sir, i am having doubt in the fabrication of PIFA antenna. actually it contains both the ground plane and the radiating patch and the shorting pin connects the ground plane and the radiating patch and one coaxial probe feed is from the ground plane to the radiating patch.
Respected sir, I am jayanthi doing M.Tech in NIT Trichy. I have designed PIFA antenna and i am having doubt in the fabrication of PIFA antenna. actually it contains both the ground plane and the radiating patch and the shorting pin connects the ground plane and the radiating patch and one coaxial probe feed is from
hi sir, For doing fabrication work, first step is preparing mask, for that the people whoever is preparing mask they are asking AUTOCAD daigarm. In my case i am PIFA antenna is having groundplane ,patch,shorting pin and the probe feed is connected between ground plane and the radiating patch. suggest me . i can prepare mask seperately f
Hi, Jayanthi: Please check the fabri.geo. The shorting pin is not electrically connected to the finite ground. By IE3D definition, you do need to have matching vertices to get guaranteed electrical connection. best regards, Added after 2 hours 53 minutes: Hi, jayanthi: I did not have time to revise
circular polarization can be obtain by using shorting pins and plates in design.. generally in reconfigurable polarization diversity antenna's switches, diodes (which are made ON and OFF for changing polarization) can be replaced by shorting pins or plates... i.e. ON switch can be replaced just by shorting (...)
Hi, Jayanthi: Do you mean the shorting pin or strip at the end of a PIFA? It is confusing to say x because I am not sure how to place the PIFA in the coordinate. Maybe you can give me some simple drawing on it. Regards. Best regards,
hello, I am shorting GATE and SOURCE of P-FET and connected to VCC. And Drain is connected to ground. Pupose of this circuit is when if supply is not there then i would like to ground the VCC pin. 1. Is it required to connect pull down at FET gate? 2. If i do not connect pull down whether FET will be ON when VCC = off? niks
I am simulation a paper attached using CST. Results are quite different especially with reference to return loss even with adaptive meshing. Also tried with discrete port but no where near the fabricated results. Regards!
PIFA stands for Planar Inverted-F Antenna. This type antenna is like the ordianry patch antenna feeding with an SMA probe but with an additional shorting pin or strip at one edge of the patch connecting to the ground. So, when looking side way towards the antenna, you would appreciate an inverted-F outline. This antenna is still relatively commo