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I got two modems (dev boards) siemens tc35 and SIM900A and I cannot get them to send sms. From the research (AT response) it seems that somehow sim cards will not register to network. I bought three sim cards from different networks currently operating in my location. Commands to GSM module: AT OK AT+CREG? +CREG: 1,0 OK [/CO
Hi I am making a gsm module controlled circuit for a project, I have designed the vast majority of this, its going to be controlling a pressure alarm system (basically turn off/on a water pump and alarm via sms) I have got everything up and running except the sms module part because I was waiting for it to get delivered before I started. Bu
Are you talking about the tc35 module or tc35 connected through the interface board shown on your photo? For the module, there's a siemens hardware manual, for the interface board, ask your local vendor respectively the board manufacturer.
I like this modem and the sales rep is saying it does not need any drivers but I read a 2 years old post on arduino forum from a person who was refering to some phone library he said was needed to work this with Arduino . can someone shed some light on this please ? thanks
Greetings. I bought GSM module from the ebay recently. The problem is that i failed to communicate with the module via the PC's rs-232 interface. I spent quite a time to discover, that GSM module's rs-232 level converter (MAX 232EPE) works OK. What was also discovered, is that GSM module doesn't keep logic "1" on TX pin. It is zero volts the
Hi, I have a question regarding the tc35 gsm modem and pySerial. I can send sms and send AT command. But i can't receive response... If I print readlines(). It print my AT command and not print the response. Can You help me, please? Thanks P.S. sorry for my bad English...
Hello Im trying to interface a GSM modem with PIC18F4220 @ 20MHz ceramic using C18 compiler. The GSM modem is a siemens Model tc35. For the RS232 im using the 'MAX202CPE' chip. The initial test setup interface with the GSM modem and the PIC seems a failure as im not getting back 'OK' reply from the modem. I know this since the 'OK' is not
Hi guys, i'm currently using a PIC16F873A as MCU and siemens tc35 GSM modem for implementing a SMS controlled project. Can i request for source code plz? Would appreciate ur help because i've been testing with the existing ASM code that i've obtained from a fren which is not really working. The codes are as below: include "" list
Is SIM300C reliable for industerial application?Is it as good as siemens tc35 and MC39 modules? Please share your experience.
Hi all! I'm a new here :D So... I worked hard and my project's allmost ready, but the final thing - connecting via GSM line caused more problems than any other. I've got a siemens tc35 modem that seems extremely easy to connect with data call, but my ATmega128 refuses tu accept it.... so this is the code I could write (CodeVisionAVR) flash
Hi, Can anyone help me order a sample of the siemens tc35 GSM Modem ? Or does anyone know how to obtain a sample of an equivalent modem?
Did any one has tried to send SMS using siemens C35 by using AT commnads ?