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Hi I would like to convert the last circuit on this page to use only discrete components and remove the opamp somehow. Is that possible and how? I have made an ALC amplifier for RF which I think it can be used for audio as well, but this will be a total of 4 trans
Hi, i have designed the 3D spiral coil using HFSS and terminated it with 50 ohm impedance using single Lumped port. But the data table of Z(1,1) shows resistance value in terms of milliohms. What changes should be made to get correct values of resistance and inductance? How to obtain proper S11 at 10MHZ?
how do i determine the potentiometer value ? im doing a audio amplifier using tda07052a. 156634
I went to my familys house and they had an issue with their speakers. It turns out the audio cable broke, though I looked at the TV and this is a 2009 TV, and I'm guessing Made in China VGA or 2.5mm wires.
Hello, I have a trouble in the VAS stage of an amplifier. 156595 The amplifier is powered by +10V _ GND _ -10V. The voltage at the Q5 base should be about 9.2V as simulator said, but it's only about 1.3V. Measuring under bench power supply, R2 seems to be shorted. And also C1 seems to be shorted, but only in a direc
Hello all, I have saved in a table the response of a filter. The table contains 2 columns; the first contains the frequency and the second the corresponding magnitude. I am building a model that will instantly "read" the value of the frequency during an AC analysis and using that value will find the corresponding magnitude through the table. M
Hi , i'm trying to find a low power solution to switch +/-5v on/off with daisy chained SPI to switch on/off TI PGA2500 preamp prototypes i'm designing. I already have SPI running to the PGA2500 IC's for other control ( phantom power switch using optomos ) The optomos switch phantom from GPO pin controlled by SPI in the PGA's but GPO pins no
Hi, Gurus, I need a MIC DRC preamplifer. But I found it is difficult. 1. My MIC is diff in and diff out, so many DRC preamplifer of AD isn't fit for. 2. The preamplifer is linked to ADC, so TPA2017 can be used, but it seems class-D is more than enough. And TPA2017 is dual MIC amplifier, my module has only one MIC. And I have to found another
A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon an IN-9 Nixie linear display datasheet in Russian. Some fellow members (Prairedog and Altaero) in this forum, helped me translate it and my curiosity was piqued. I was able to obtain some IN-13 tubes on Ebay (they are longer and more linear) and after making some static displays, decided that it would b
Hi, I'm designing a wireless transmitter that consists of a dac, a switched-cap baseband filter and a passive upconverter. I'm trying to simulate the spectral performance (ACLR and EVM) and produce constellation plots using QAM signals. The signals have been generated in MATLAB with RRC pulse shaping or come straight from th
By default designīs for power supply section in a pre amp, headphone amp or a dac and when replacing standard rectifier diodes 1N400x with BYV27-200, I use to solder a 0,1 uF capacitor for each diode to eliminate unwanted high voltage peakes and noise. But as Iīve been told by a technically know how-person that those bypass capīs should only
156504 This is the circuit used to switch the analog value from pressure sensor's output to microcontroller.Output from the pressure will be 0.10mV to 5VDC. These output are connected to Y0 to Y7 pins.Channels are selected by using S0,S1,S2 and EN pins.If any output is not required means,EN pin is enabled and output from
Hi. The resolution of the dac should come with the specs. What should be the output step? The resolution and frequency depend on the topology. Like most designs, if you choose a topology which allows high resolution like sigma-delta, it is expected to come at the expense of limited speed (frequency) If I were you, I would choose a particular (...)
In analog audio amplifier, what is the calculation to do concerning the degenerative resistances of the differential input emitters? 156472 As I understand it, the degeneration resistors R1 and R2 in the circuit, together with the Cdom (miller compensation) decide the cut-off frequency and therefore the total band of t
I have some questions concerning analog audio amplifiers: what is the purpose of resistors R1 and R2 in the Wilson current mirror? With what formula are they calculated? Can they be omitted? If they are omitted, what happens to the VAS (Voltage Amplifier Stage)? 156464
Hi, I would like to bias an array of 128 current steering dac's. I have made a current source as well. How would I bias 128 dac's using this single current source? If I bias all 128 directly, would the added capacitance create startup issues?
Hi, I am designing a 12 bit SAR ADC, for that I need to select minimum unit capacitor for the dac, And I am using sqrt(KT/C)< LSB/2 formula to calculate the capacitor value. The obtained capacitor value minimises the thermal noise impact, what about the other parameters like mismatch etc. and how they affects the capacitor value? How to select t
Hello, a question: can a ground plane, create problems in power audio amplifiers? Example: if touching the input with the tip of whatever, the amplifier oscillates, can it be the fault of the ground plane? (Which is on both layers, bottom and top) Or is it because the amplifier is unstable?
I would like to discuss about resistor mismatch citing a very old post, even when I was not a student of Electronics. The post link is here: Resistor matching calculation Let's say, I have two equal Resistor (R1, R2), 10k each, having a standard deviation
156390 Sometimes the delta S value in HFSS is shown as N/A. What causes this?