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hello, firstplan is simple. take some standard 12v refrigerator based on peltier cooling to have the box and upgrade it to lowest target temperature possible, until it makes sense to get small food freezer. lets start with this example
What portion of the LSB is 3mV? You can think of the comparator offset as referred to the reference resistor ladder since you are more familiar with variations in the resistors. If you imagine the resistor ladder is ideal but you have input referred offset voltage of the comparators placed in the comparator input that connects to the ladder, then
I'm trying to create a univibe tyoe of guitar effect. That will consist of a timebase i.c. that will vary the sound to create a tremelo effect and various other phasing sounds. (Variable speed 1 to 30Hz) The trouble is I can't get it past the breadboard, although it works well enough I cannot avoid the sound of the I.C. switching, whether it be
Was there ever produced a mini LCD TV with SCART input? The smallest I have found is 14" and this is CRT.
Hi Guys! I'm having some kind of difficulty understanding how the voltage VCE of a transformer coupled class A amp can theoretically swing from 0V to 2Vcc. In class I learned that it was due lenz's law. But I'm still having a hard time to picture it. Please help me. 159540
Hi on my Classic 40 I am using a SMPSU from a laptop. There is a bit of hum in the received audio on a nearby radio, so I thought this was because of the SMPSU. So I used a 24v transformer (ubloaded voltage 28v) and a bridge rectifier and a 4700uF after it to power the transmitter. The hum was much more! Why
I would like to assemble a circuit that drives a lamp of up to 60w controlled by touch in 3 levels of brightness and in the 4th touch the lamp turns off, if possible, using accessible components.
Hello, I have a pcb that is already functional, however I have a problem with a section powered by a TMR 6-0523 which does not like the board, apparently. The load consists in a lot of audio amplifiers which in total draw about 3.5W. There is about 20uF of total capacity in parallel to the load, but according to Traco datasheet the maximum capacit
Yes, with higher mirror ratio the relative accuracy dI/I is better but not much. If sigma of the 1x transistor Vt variation is Av/sqrt(WL), the sigma of the dI/I for 1:m mirror (that is I=m*Iref) is (gm/Iref)**sqrt((m+1)/m), where gm is the transconductance of the 1x device having current of Iref obviously. As you see if we have 1:2
if i use a bipolar junction transistor to amplify a radio signal from a radio receiver, would the bipolar junction transistor amplify the radio signal? i am using a bipolar transistor, not an operational amplifier.
Hello, I need to implement the following circuit in LTSpice but I don't know what VCM, Vg,VCC and C infinite are :(...Can you help me with the symbols for it? Also, the scheme implemented by me it's ok? Thanks! 159222 159223 - - - Updated - - - I don't
I'm looking for two Bluetooth audio modules that can be connected. all Bluetooth audio modules can be connected to a computer or mobile phone, but I need a module to connect to a Bluetooth headset without using a computer or mobile phone. Can anyone suggest me a module?
Dear all, I would like to generate a precise voltage of Vref/4 from reference voltage Vref. I do not want to go for bandgap reference circuits. I was thinking of using sigma delta dac for this purpose and also studying about individual level averaging circuits. Could some one guide me with this? TIA
Dear all... I am trying to do storing the ADC in USB (pendrive or pc) interface with PIC18F4550.. for this i read datasheet ...i completed the ADC reading with the help of corresponding registers and programming steps given in datasheet ... for next step i read the USB corresponding registers in datasheet but they are not given the step by s
I am in the journey of understanding operation of data converters and in mean time I found SAR ADC fascinating. I have a question regarding charge redistribution dac as given in this document 159068 But TI slide 4 and 5 of this li
Hiii I do not have good idea on RTOS . real-time system has time-critical deadlines that must be met; why RTOS only?. What it does ? does it complete task in deadline ?
Hi, I came across this schematic for a FM receiver on the internet (here). I was trying to understand its working. 158993 It is clear that the LC coil will tune to the FM carrier + message signal of the FM station. LM 386 will amplify the message signal
Hello, We have a rack mount power supply as follows?.EA-PSB 91500-30 3U (manual is below) We don?t yet have a 3 phase supply for it. In the meantime, do you think we will be able to get any power out of it if we just put a 2 phase (415Vrms) power source into it? The datasheet doesn?t allude to this, and just requests that a 3 phase supply
Hi, now I moved the thread to "IC design" ... **** I have no idea about IC design.... While a sigmal delta dac is rather flexible, it is complex, too. A rather precise 1/4 of input signal could be generated with: (precision is independent of resistor value and capacitor value of low pass filter) * SPDT switch: NC to GND, NO to (...)
I'm in the process of designing a mixed signal circuit powered by USB. Power supply requirements: 0-5V and 0-3.3V for a microcontroller and an audio codec (ADC/dac), -5V to +11.5V (ground at +5V) to an analog IC. A step-up converter boosts +5V to 11.5V I understand that between the digital and analog supply a ferrite bead filters high frequency noi