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Reference previous thread: hi wowee For weigh scale application I recomment you AD7730. I did not counter the problem hat you have ,(my application is unipolar) Totally,I fear to use analog devices sigma delta for my future products ,I think It is better to t
Hello Please let me know if this is the wrong forum for this question. Can someone please explain to me (I am a complete novice in digital signalling and sigma delta converters), how to convert the PCM bitstream output from my converter to a conventional binary integer? Someone mentioned to me the use of a counter but I am (...)
2nd order sigma delta ADC: ADC filter section: updown counter and accumulator the filter stage1 after comparator 1 uses x = x + xx * (n - i +1) where xx is comp1 output and x is output of filter and 1
In the 2nd order sigma delta (mesh architecture) document "ROBERT AND DEVAL: SECOND-ORDER INCREMENTAL A/D CONVERTER" , up-down counter approach to implement filter section (page 738 and 739) the filter stage1 after comparator 1 uses x = x + xx * (n - i +1) where xx is comp1 output and x is output of filter and 1
Be aware that sigma-delta includes very complicated math.
Thanx But this program is a sigma delta ADC. Please explain for me how should I model a counter that count the time of integration? step 1: Vin connect to Integrator for a defined time. step 2: -Vref connect to Integrator & counter start counting until the output of integator go to Zero.
Suppose we have delta-sigma ADC with first order filter (just counter). If we will gradually increase clock frequency of the ADC what kind of imperfection we will monitor for higher frequency: INL, DNL, offset, gain, noise or combination of some of them. Can someone recommend any paper or book on this topic? Thanks in advance.
Can you gice me some materails about first sigma-delta ADC and decimator design?
What about taking an integrating ADC. The delta sigma principle AD Converters have as a major part an integrator. So the maximum time resolution must not be as high as the 20us pulses you want to measure. The integrator will do Idt for a short period which equals the charge your circuit took out of the battery during the integrating interval. Th