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hi all can any one name me circuit for tv signal booster with uhf and vhf gain good control regadrs
Dear Sir, Honestly, I'm not a engineer. And I just want to know if someone explain this circuit. *HOW THE CIRCUIT WORKS* - signal DIODE - CAPACITOR - RESISTOR -TRANSISTOR THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
I need to boost my handheld cell phone signal for good reception at home. I want to place a direcitonal antenna on the roof and run a low loss cable downstairs. Getting or making an antenna is trivial. But how does one connect the antenna cable to the cell phone. There is no "connector" for the stubby existing phone antenna to connect to, just
My car has a strip of wire inside front window glass that woks like a radio antenna. It needs a wide band amplifier to boost AM and FM signal and send to the radio. I need the schematics of this type of RF booster amplifier. Regards, Fernando
Buy a signal booster gadget, i'ts thin like a paper and it attaches under the battery facing up, it does not need power from the battery and it cost like 5$ I bought one and it drasticaly improved my signal!