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Hi I have a situation of low GSM signal indoor and I need to amplify it I have seen some boosters availble but I wanted to know is it possible to amplify gsm signal using active GSM antennas ? I have some active antennas gor GPS and GSM and they have LNA inside my plan is to use these antennas and supply them with dc power supply (...)
I am using MLX90614, which is a i2c output. My doubt is that, how long can i transmit the signal without any booster? I dont want to waste time in TRIAL and ERROR. My sensor is 30mts far from my MCU. Can the I2C signal reach the MCU with just the pullup resistor at the SCL and SDA pins.? If no, please suggest me some (...)
Hi All, I am having an issue with my current internet provider's (CenturyLink) DSL service, in which multiple times per day I experience a signal dropoff (Connection Timeouts, Service is Not Available, etc...) while either using my laptop, gaming console, or handheld devices. My ISP stated that I would have a great connection speed ~40Mbps (thei
Welcome to Nanyu.Fangda Technology company. We have wireless devices that you may be finding. Indoor: pc wifi dongle, home used router, repeater, hotel or public places wifi devices. Outdoor: outdoor high power access point, high power wireless CPE/ bridge/ repeater. Outdoor Wlan antenna, 3G/4G antenna. signal booster antenna. Also, OEM/ODM are
to increase signal strength, use a better antenna (like any of these ones), if you know your carrier operator frequency (from the know 4 band gsm freqs) you can design or buy a better antenna... also you can get a signal booster according your antenna conne
It all starts with an ambulance and a need for really bright emergency lights. This is in Mexico so a three thousand dollar Federal signal or Code 3 light bar is out of the question. I have to use the existing incandescent light bar and convert it. I've resolved the 30 watt,36 volt LED chip heatsink issue. But I need to strobe 36 volt chips w
What power supplies do you have? What is the maximum frequency of the signal? Does the load for the 200mA need to be grounded?
I can access this open wireless network in my house, but the signal strenght is really weak and i keep losing it. Is there someway i can boost the antenna from my laptop? or make some system that can pick this signal up? Like an antenna and an access
hi i am a final year student.. i want to make a gsm signal signal booster antenna, for which i have to make an amplifier circuit to amplify the incoming signal,. i also need help in antenna design,, any help will be highly appreciated,,,,
I would like to digitalise an analog DC ammeter of 0-750A range using pic16f876a. The voltage across the shunt resistor of ammeter ranges from 0-60mv DC. If I connect this shunt voltage to the input pin of 10 bit Analog to digital convertor of pic then the resolution will be very low. With 5v as reference, 1 division is equal to 4.8mv. So by conve
What will be the covering range of MAX2606 FM transmitter? I am going to transmit my TV signal to my cell phone FM radio & i'm expecting maximum 10Meters range without signal interrupt... Is it suggested for my purpose... Regards Udhay
Three weeks timeframe? You're being asked to develop something that the manufacturer ought to be of some help with. I was about to suggest an ethernet hub/switch/router. But you can't use RJ-45 connectors. Non-standard protocols. No MAC addresses and no IP addressing. In other words you can't use normal computer equipment which could qu
Transceiver mean Transmitter and receiver. RS485 is a half duplex and multi drop communication system. it works well up to 50 meter after that if you want to increase the distance you got to required boost or amplify the signal here the repeater comes in. as you want send the signal you need booster in our TV or FM transmission. that all my (...)
hi every one i m trying to design a digital clock. One Master-Clock that will send a serial data at 9600 baud-rate, and slave clocks will receive the data and will display it, for Master-Clock, I used AT89C51 and for Slave-Clock AT89C2051. The most near Slave-Clock is approximately 12-15 feet, but the last one is approximately 300 feet far.
please i need a circuit than can booster 22ov, 10A, 3W ac signal to about 2kw well you already have it 220VAC x 10A = 2200W (2.2kW) cheers Dave
Motorola hv made 484095-001-00 signal booster. I want to study it's circuit diagram/schematics. Hence i need it.
I want to boost am radio transmission .5~1.6Mhz. Suggest preamplifier to boost the signal.
Hello all, I have a problem with my final project and the deadline is Monday 07/08/2006. I have been able to find a schematic diagram online from . I used this schematic to wire the components but the main problem i have is how the ciruit designer arrived at the value of the passive component
skjian, This booster circuit uses the similar principle as a voltage multiplier by means of 3 diodes. There is a big problem here. 1N4148 is a signal diode. Using them as power diodes will "fry"them. This had to be stupid person who designed this. Perhaps he/she never had tested it before. He/she probably worked the 10V or higher, based on si
HI DEAR, You would probably need a signal booster amplifier if you have three or four splits (three or four TV's) connected to the incoming cable or output of your Satellite receiver. If you have a home antenna and need to improve signal strength of your off air signals. TV picture quality of distant channels will be (...)