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Just one more thing: if you take less harmonics than the original signal it has to be filtered before, otherwise all the harmonics higher than sampling frequency/2 will fold back to your signal causing aliasing. The filter can be avoided if the energy of the harmonics not taken into account is negligible.
Hi Ghalzai, I guess you are performing a simulation. Right? If you generate independent gaussian independent samples, No is variance/Fs, where Fs is the sampling frequency. Eb is the signal energy per bit. It would be better if you can provide some detail. Regards Z
I want the MATLAB program for pulse normalized in energy, for example a pulse signal pt, sampling frequency dt, what is the matlab code to get the normalized in energy signal ? somebody help me !
Digital RF LNA is the term for an amplifier intended to be in front of a sample/hold stage. A sample/hold stage only pass the signal for a small fraction of the sampling period. So the amount of signal energy passed to the sampling cap to the hold amplifier noise is bad in comparison to a simple mixer (...)
Hi, If the world was perfect it would be possible buit since it is not we have to do our best !. If you sample a signal than there should be no energy at frequencies 1/2 the sampling rate, if there is some signal above that frequency level and the signal is strong you will get it back in the sampled (...)
Hi there, I'm looking for some standard algorithms about sampling an analog signal, in order to get into some DSP calculations. Any help is completely appreciated. Yours,