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Can anyone give me the word document for exact PD Flow in cadence encounter that incudes steps from loading netlist to signoff(GDSII).please help me...m fresher in industry so give me some flow stepwise document in word/pdf...
hi You need to check if the timing is clean in your layout implementation tool as well as your timing signoff tool you need to check for timing (WNS, TNS) , max cap , max trans violations in your reports , which path group are violating ... Thanks vlsidesign first we have to check skew or timing report. which
Hi . When I run the find timing signoff, I found there are hold uncertainty set in SDC. As we know, jitter will not affect hold check. So why add such hold uncertainty ? what does it account for ? Thanks !
primetime is just a "signoff" tool or recommended tool, but there are multiple tools which could report the timing. Clock Tree Report indicates, the number of buffer, worst best transition... skew reports indicates for each corner the skew.
STA tools need to Qualify to signoff the timing to proceed for Fab. Prime Time is universally accepted by the industry, which is around 80% of the designs tape out with this. Next signoff tool is ETS. You can qualify the STA results wrto Spice results. If the variation is more than 5%, the tool cant (...)
Calibre PERC (Programmable Electrical Rules' Checker) can achieve this.
STA is signoff , Where as your logic synthesis is optimization tool(either DC or RTLC(from cadence). We run Pre-layout STA to check the correlation between the constraints used during the Logic synthesis and STA tools. One of the precautions to take is, make ideal nets for high fanout nets else it will show lot of mismatches in the (...)
Is this clock generated out from the CLKGEN ckt?. From your description, there is control logic to generate the clock to your ckt. Follow these steps to find the root cause ?. I assume tool used for signoff is synopsys. Ask your timing engineer to trace the fanin of the clock. (report_transisitve_fanin -to
Milkyway is a Synopsys library format that stores all of circuit files from synthesis through place and route all the way to signoff. Most Synopsys tools can read and write in the Milkyway format including Design Compiler, IC Compiler, StarRCXT, Hercules, Jupiter, and PrimeTime. Milkyway is not a free tool. You have to purchase license for (...)
What's flow for the IR-Drop analysis in the PrimeTime? Is it enough to take the RC-extractions, which were derived for the same Process/Temperature characteristics, but for the different Voltages? PrimeTime is used as signoff timing tool. For IR EM drop analysis you need to use Cadence Voltage Storm or Apach
Hi Zic. As you said, SE will be kept as an constant in all the timing mode. Then How can tool constain the timing of SE ? I think we should gurarantee it should be only kept 0 in capture cycle. How can tool make SE work well and check it is ok enough when signoff ? Thanks!
quite large question! well, personally, I never used the synthesis power plan, but always power planning-add stripes command and I clean up my floorplan manually before a double check in calibre or other DRC signoff tool. A good floorplan is made when: -minimum space lost between macros/rows, -macros placed in order to be close to their relat
Hi, i am using 3 main tools for my design flow (synopsys): DC compiler, IC compiler and Prime Time. My question is: i know that ic compiler is mainly P&R tool, and PT is signoff tool, but what is ther reason for the different resuals between the two? (in violations for example...) 10x!
Hi All, Can anyone tell me what are the DRCs which will be appear in signoff tool which are not shown in Place and route tool ? Thanks in advance Anil
you can use PT for signoff sdf gen.. Use PnR tool like magma if you do not need signoff quality
Design compiler has its own *more primitive* timing engine called design time - which is essentially a poorman version of Primetime. It is used mainly for synthesis and timing check only if you do not have Primetime. Primetime on the other hand is a signoff timing tool - mainly you signoff your design for tapeout with a spice correlation (...)
DC is indusrtey standard tool for synthesis and PT is for signoff
I think calibre is the best choice! Because it is the signoff tool in the world!!
The result of CTE can be signoff directly. There are some sucessful examples in Cadence.