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I am using sim808m module.i have to get gps data in $GPGGA frame format. Once i give command AT+CgpsOUT=2\r module transmits $GPGA frame with 1 second interval..I want to increase the time.How can it be done?
Hi All. I have seen some gps Tracking Device which don't need any Monthly Fee for Cell Connectivity. Like Nuzzle. It have gps, 3G cell connectivity and embedded sim Card. ' How it is possible? Any idea what Service they are using which dont charge any Monthly cost? I saw some M2M IoT sim Card (Li
Hey guys I have a sim5218 from cooking Hacks: and I am using the developer sim Card from at&t: I am wondering if anyone ever has this type of error:? $ AT+TCPWRITE=56 AT+TCPWR
I'm using PIC18F4550 at 115200 baud rate to get gps information from sim908. It works fine with commands sent from PC. Also it works fine with commands from MCU. But the problem is, the MCU can not read the gps data sent from sim908. I checked the MCU, it can read data if I send the data from PC UART. But can not read (...)
Hi there I need assistance with a sim 908 module, I am using the Eltrodragon sim 908 develoment board version 1 when I test my board on the PC, this is what I get $GPGGA,003729.010,,,,,0,0,,,M,,M,,*46 $GPGLL,,,,,003729.010,V,N*74 $GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,*1E $GPGSV,1,1,00*79 $GPRMC,003729.010,V,,,,,,,101010,,,N*42 $GPVTG,,T,,M,,N,,K,N*2C
Hi all, I newbie of arduino and gsm/gps/gprs.. May i ask why we have to register GSM sim908 to network? What is function, and if I do not do so, what will happen? Thanks reply JJ
I would like to create a project in which i use a gps module and then i will send the values from the gps via sim 900 module to a server. My question is that : i don't know if is is better to parser the values from the gps or to sent everything via sim900 and then to parser to the server ??? What is (...)
hii everyone.. i am doing project which uses gps and GSM. so please help me with code for interfacing gps and gsm with atmega16 already i have worked with AT commands but i am failing in interfacing them with micro controller please help me......... thanks in advance...
Hello Friends, I am going to buy a sim 928A module/chip. So i want the reviews for this module. Anybody who have it please share some tips for me. Expecting to know - 1) What type of gps data it send through gps_UART 2) Type of antenna that requires.. etc. Thanks in Advance...!!
Hi! I want to connect GSM modem (sim 300) and gps module (SR90) to laptop via two USB-to-DB9 converter cables, for Proteus simulation using compim. I have two free USB ports on laptop for that. Here is the Proteus screenshot: 100968 As mentioned in this reply
It's a good module , you could use sim908 , it also includes a gps almost at the same price. The sim modules has a lot of info.
Hello all, Can anyone suggest right product of gps/GPRS/GSM combo module?? similar to simCOM's sim 908. Also any module is available to switch over one network to another network in case of network failure?? This would be highly useful for gps/GPRS based Vehicle Tracking Systems?? Pl suggest.
Kindly find below: i'm programming a code by pic 18f4550 with sim 900 GSM using Mikroc pro. my problem is i'm beginner in this field so i want your help. program functions are : 1- send sms depend on action with GSM place coordinates , i don't use gps module. 2- set some status on a web service. 3- if i send sms from my mobile to
Dear Friends i am interfacing GSM Module sim 900 and gps Module Holux M89 with Atmega32A using 74157 Multiplexer and select pin of Mux is connected with pin 16 of Atmega32A. The Problem is that Mux is not passing gps and gsm data to microcontroller. i have checked the continuity of traces all are ok. a proper voltage 4.9 is avaliable on MUX (...)
You try a new antenna. This mudule sim is unstable. you should test sim outside greater than inside. Or you re-test sim, may be sim have a problem.
car tracking with gps skylap + arduino2560 + sim 300 + (16*2 lcd) can any one help me to give me the code of this project please??? i interfaced gsm but the i cant interface gps and i want the code please and thank you :D
Hi, I am currently just getting into programming Micro controllers, and not looking to spend much money right now. While searching for gps modules and GSM Modules I realized that most Prepaid phones with sim cards have GSM modules and either Agps or gps. Briefly my question is, would it be difficult to locate drivers, (...)
Module sim 908 is better that have both gps & GSM Or Try with arduino uno development board.
Hi there, I am having a sim908 EVM board. I was able to send AT Commands and receive gps data from a hyper terminal and a PIC24F. My next step is to send the gps data to a backend server over a HTTP POST. I inserted a sim card in the EVM Board. I am using a normal power supply provided in the EVM kit. The VBAT LED is (...)
Hi I am developing a tracking system using your sim908 modules. Previously we have used the sim508 and sim548C modules. The problem i'm facing is that when i send the "AT+CgpsSTATUS?" command via the serial port, i get the response "+CgpsSTATUS: Location Unknown" and "AT+CgpsINF=0" gives (...)