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i am working on my project that switches off and ON home appliances using an android app that creats sms .The app can also request for power being drawn by the appliances through sending texts request that can be red by a gsm module. My gsm module is linked to a pic 18f4550 and my gsm module is a sim 300 (...)
hi we are interfacing sim 300 with pic18f. ,using ccs compiler if i m sending at commands from microcontroller to modem , it is working perfect. we monitor via hyperterminal. but if i m checking for 'OK' after each at command, it receives only for 1st at command. here is my code void main() { char c; int8 i; for(i=0;i<10;i
@Ivan Romo, On seeing the pic, i guess it is the normal sim900 gsm modem, which can be accessed serially in the debug port which has a default baud rate - 11200,8,N,1. You meant that you want to flash your own code into the sim900 module?? Flashing of your own application code cannot be done i suppose as i m not sure it (...)
Hi.. I am using pic 16F877A Microcontroller and sim 300 gsm Modem Actually I can send sms using sim 300, can receive the message location and displayed that on lcd. Everything works on hyperterminal. But in hardware i couldn't receive the message from the modem.I couldn't find the problem..
Send "AT+CNMI=2,1\r" once initially before entering while(1) loop. After issuing this AT Command if gsm modem receives SMS then it will send out response +CMTI: "SM", x where x is the SMS index in sim. If memory is used then you get +CMTI: "ME", x You have to parse this response and extract x and depending upon the value of x you have to read
hello, I have tested the code microcontroller with pc (Computer) on hyperterminal, evrerything is OK. What are the commands? I have written the code it will send same commands but when I connected to pic micro controller to gsm sim sim 300 its not working ...
Dear Friends I have to started this project LINK : It's working fine But I want to add gsm modem (sim 300) for Remote monetoring and controlling purpose Is it possible or not I don't have a knowldge of Surce code changeing Please help me
pic : pic18F4520 picPLC16v6 Development Board from Mikroelectronika gsm Modem : Quectel M95 Can receive SMS by Hyperterminal +CMTI: "SM",28 telling New SMS arrived, index in sim Memory 28 AT+CMGR=28 AT command to Read SMS whose index is 28 +CMGR: "REC UNREAD","+6597329728","","2013/08/15 (...)
Kindly find below: i'm programming a code by pic 18f4550 with sim 900 gsm using Mikroc pro. my problem is i'm beginner in this field so i want your help. program functions are : 1- send sms depend on action with gsm place coordinates , i don't use GPS module. 2- set some status on a web service. 3- if i (...)
Is any one have ready pic controller Code for Electrical LOAD On-Off using sim 300. I required C code for the same
i am facing problems in interfacing gsm sim 900 with pic18f4550. the code seems to have nothing wrong with it, could any one help me with it. #include #include # pragma config WDT=OFF # pragma config LVP=OFF # pragma config FOSC=HS # pragma config IESO=OFF # pragma config MCLRE=ON # pragma config PBADEN=OFF (...)
I'm searching for the information that if a data card along with sim facility could replace gsm Modem for interfacing with pic/8051 Micro Controller For designing my Final Year Project....... So Pls Hlp Frnds.............................:-(
Hi I need an help,that how to interface gsm(sim 300), with pic 16f877a.I have source code but i need an idea in hardware part. you can connect gsm modem with pic16f877 by using serial communication (rs-232) protocol. you need to convert TTL to pc-level voltage for that purpose you need max-232 le
hi, in our project, we are sending SMS through cell phone to turn on and off lamp and fan. its based on gsm. this is our 1 st project. we are using sim 300 modem and pic 18f45k20. i dont have any idea in gsm pic communication. i heared we have to use AT commands. so whether we have to include AT commands in (...)
Hi i am using pic 16F877A with Wavecom WMO2 gsm modem to read income massage or saved massage in sim and respond for it please i have to handle my project in 14/5/12 and this is the final piece so if there is any one can help me i would be thankfull
Refer to "sim900 AT Commands Manual". Google it and look in the sms toolkit section inside the manual. Command for sending sms is: "AT+CMGS" --->> details will be available in the manual.
i use pic18f252 to send sms with sim 508, i use MicroC Pro, hopefully help your project: //===================================================== send sms void Send_sms() { unsigned char sms_send_ok; RCSTA.CREN=1; putst_sim548("AT+CMGF=1"); //send sms with text mode Delay_ms(50); (...)
I need to know how to programme a pic as a gsm sim, usually gsm sims are made with using a pic and a EEPROM, I found a ready made project (see this : Make a gsm sim using pic Microcontroller - Ehobbyprojects ) , but I need to write a (...)
hi can any one tell me code.. If i call to a sim connected on gsm module,after getting the signal it get a stored sms on pic microcontroller 16f877a and sends to the calling mobile phone..? Or If i call to gsm modem it sends the stored sim message to the number from which gsm modem (...)
Hello, I have interfaced my gsm module(sim 300) with pic 16F877A microcontroller.Now i want to compare the message recevied with some string and if it matches then i have to perform the specific operation. Anybody Please help me how to compare the message with a string or charcter... Thanks inadvance....
Try the sim300.
Hello, I have interfaced my gsm module(sim 300) with pic 16F877A microcontroller.Now i want to compare the message recevied with some string and if it matches then i have to perform the specific operation. Anybody Please help me how to compare the message with a string or charcter... Thanks inadvance....
I am using sim 300 gsm and pic 16f877a.. sum 1 help on which language to use to interface the two.. pic shud send the message to the gsm when a situation arise..the gsm communicate with a specific mobile-phone..
You need to study AT commands.Go through sim300 gsm module for your referenece or Any mobile phone with its data cable you can do.
Hi, i am having trouble interfacing a wismo gsm gprs modem to my pic. I tried to test it using hyperterminal, where I can read sms in the sim, but I am unable to dial. The ATD command doesnt seem to work. I can't make calls to that number as well. I guess it is a problem with the antenna... Anybody have had such issues?.. please help me (...)
Have anybody done like this project..? I want know it can be do..? and how can connect it with my phone..??
dear friend try simcom modules check for more details ml