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Create corners with sweeping variable and run MC sim.
Hi , MPLAB sim is not a real time simulator , use the time from stopwatch instead.
I think the MPLAB help files are quite detailed. What I do is: - select MPALAB sim as a debugger - load the *.cof file (for compilers not integrated with MPLAB) - or perform a debug build in MPLAB (for integrated compilers) - start debugging
Hello, I am using CDMA Wavecom (Q2358C) GPRS Modem with serial port. I am developing a PC application to access the sim Toolkit menu through this modem. The Sequences I followed AT+CMEE=1 OK AT+WIND=15 OK AT+CPAS +CPAS: 5 OK AT+STSF=2,?5FFFFFFF7F?,6,0 OK AT+STSF=1 OK AT+CFUN=1 OK After reboot Initial
Hello, Yes you can model mixer using AWR VSS, if you have the spur table... Use the MIXER_F block in the system diagram then enter the spur data in a note pad & save it as a text file in the format as mentioned in the MIXER_F block help menu(VSS System Block Catalog => RF Blocks => File-based Behavioral Mixer: MIXER_F )...Then simply simul
hi everyone, i have a WAVECOM CDMA module. i am trying to access the sim Application toolkit. i did manege to get the main menu using AT+SMGI=0\r command after getting the +STIN = 0 from the module. then i get 4 items in the menu the are given bellow... +STGI: ?e top-up? +STGI: 1,4,?Prepaid?,0 +STGI: 2,4,?Billpay?,0 +STGI: (...)
While simulating in mentor adk-daic I couldnt see the probes/plots under default sim plate If I click on it it is showing "no menu defined" similay for DCOP What I have to do , Is there need to change any settings?? Thanking you Ramesh
Thanks a lot, you've really halped me sim Toolkit Powering sim card with value added services thanks to sim Toolkit technology! What is sim Toolkit? about AT comands? Is it really to add new menu items using only commands? I've heard that it
From the online help... The EDA Tool Post-Compilation Commands > Write Output Netlists command (Processing menu) is only available after you have compiled a project and you have specified a simulation, timing analysis, or board-level simulation EDA tool. If you use this command after the design source files have changed after compilation, (...)

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