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Hello, Trying to interface M590 with Arduino Uno. Example sketches did not work. Then I connected GSM to my laptop via USB to serial FTDI module. Using arduino serial monitor, communication with GSM Module seems alright as all AT commands responded by M590 module is correct. But M590 module does not recognize the sim card. (...)
I think your sim program does not know anything about that unusualdepletion mode Mosfet. The currents are very low maybe because the drain and source are not connected to anything. The 13V zener diode is not going to do anything in that 6V circuit.
Dear All, I have problem of life up my sim5218E module. I have attached the schematic please someone can help me to check it. I have brought a few sim5218E modules and it does not respond after power is up. Following is the condition list: - Accessory = connected antenna for Sub antenna RF and insert (...)
hi everybody, when i connect just ipex-sma cable (with gsm antenna or not. it doesnt matter) to gsm antenna connector of sim908c after a few seconds it powers down. if i take out sim card when ipex-sma cable connected it works fine or if i insert sim card and take out ipex-sma cable it works fine. i (...)
hello, I have tested the code microcontroller with pc (Computer) on hyperterminal, evrerything is OK. What are the commands? I have written the code it will send same commands but when I connected to PIC micro controller to GSM sim sim 300 its not working ...
Dear Friends i am interfacing GSM Module sim 900 and GPS Module Holux M89 with Atmega32A using 74157 Multiplexer and select pin of Mux is connected with pin 16 of Atmega32A. The Problem is that Mux is not passing gps and gsm data to microcontroller. i have checked the continuity of traces all are ok. a proper voltage 4.9 is avaliable on MUX (...)
power led of sim 300 based gsm modem is not glowing when external supply port is directly connected to the 9 volt dry cell...........How can i correct it??????? Please help me.............
I bought sim 300 V 7.03 , connected to PC via RS -232 , using hyperterminal , AT commands like AT,ATI are working but error +CMS error : 517 comes when trying t send SMS and also after powering +CPIN: not INSERTED +CFUN: 1 I googled it , that means " sim not inserted " . But i inserted (...)
Hi, If your modem works with HyperTemrinal and not with your MCU, please check all the other Rs-232 signal, the RTS, DTS and two more. sim300 will not reply if this signal not handle correctly, this is called Rs-232 Hand Shaking, if the sim board as MAX232 chip and all line connected, the (...)
The schematic attached is of Telit GL865-Dual GSM/GPRS Modem. I have omitted the sim connector in the schematic "sim is connected to the modem". ISSUE: On power on the "powmon" pin goes high - i am assuming the module is functional, but no indication on the status led and the module does not respond to AT commands. (...)
hi.. i have 8 sim 548 modules.. i have connected DEBUG RXD & TXD pin to max 232 to view data on hyperterminal but i am not gatting any thing... but when i connect to modules txd& rxd i can communicate with module... in data sheet on debug port section it is written that "/RXD" & "/TXD" is it different than normal RXD & TXD ??? plz help..
hi how do i interface wavecom q2403a module with pic16f84a? this module have a 60pin connector, i am using LM317 for its power supply. I have connected 7 pins (6, 11, 55, 57, 58, 59, 60) to 3.7 volts. connected led to pin 52 and connected its four legs to ground. on power up led blinks. I have not (...)
Problem is not about the signal.I confirm it. Read the ATC of sim300C.
About the SMF05C (Transient Voltage Supressor - TVS) connected betwenn sim CARD and module, it is really necessary? I did not found to buy here in Brazil. Is there an alternative? Regarding TTL serial, it is possible connect direct to a RS-232 (PC) or need I an conversor TTL to RS-232? Thnaks in advance! Best Regards. Marcos (...)
use loop sim