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Dear All, I have problem of life up my sim5218E module. I have attached the schematic please someone can help me to check it. I have brought a few sim5218E modules and it does not respond after power is up. Following is the condition list: - Accessory = Connected antenna for Sub antenna RF and insert (...)
Hello. I can not check if the sim is placed from a program in the GT 863-PY module taking the sim placed from rsterm AT # QSS? answer # QSS: 0.0 for the first 3 or 4 times then answer # QSS: 0.1 correctly but since the program while (1): MDM.send ('AT # QSS? \ R', 0) MOD.sleep (2) always (...)
The schematic attached is of Telit GL865-Dual GSM/GPRS Modem. I have omitted the sim connector in the schematic "sim is connected to the modem". ISSUE: On power on the "powmon" pin goes high - i am assuming the module is functional, but no indication on the status led and the module does not respond to AT commands. (...)
+cpin not ready means the sim card is not detected... check the voltages at the sim connector... After connecting type AT and see if you get Ok as response...
modem will respond to basic at commands without sim card also.... try AT+CPIN? and see the result.. if it gives error then sim is not detected... it it sives response then its working.........
hi i m working with sim 300s v7.03 modem interfacing with 89C51... when i work seperately they r working well... i can see the results too... but wen i interface modem does not respond... wen i give the command from microcontroller modem led goes off for few seconds then it glows... can u help me to interface it properly... thank u...
I send email to GSM modules section of sim company( ,they did not send any response. It seems chinese companies do not respond to email (or respond in long time). I do not know what to do.