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Hi, I am using 8051 microcontroller with interfacing sim 300 modem My First aim is read signal strength from modem and show to 16*2 display. My code is below, My problem - The received signal strength - Not show to the display #include #include sbit rs=P1^0; sbit rw=P1^1; sbit en=P1^2;
I'm using PIC18F4550 at 115200 baud rate to get GPS information from sim908. It works fine with commands sent from PC. Also it works fine with commands from MCU. But the problem is, the MCU can not read the GPS data sent from sim908. I checked the MCU, it can read data if I send the data from PC uart. But can not read (...)
Dear I made my sim808 Evaluation board and i want to upgrade the module firm ware from uart. In "sim808_EVB KIT_User Guide_V1.00" , in part "Upgrade module?s firmware through uart port" , it is wrote : "Switch S105 and S102 to ?On? state". S105 is Power Switch. But i don't know S102(Download switch) is connected to (...)
Hi friends, I got a problem with sim800. sim 800 is attending or making call and uart part is OK, GPRS is working. But after connecting call no sound from modem to phone and phone to modem. Hardware connections are looking Ok. Anybody got same kind of issues or can anybody help me out of this..please
Hi All, I am doing a project using the sim 900 and PIC16F877A. I am able to read the uart and send through uart as well. I am having ISR code which has 2 blocks,one handles the uart interrupt to store the serial data ,and another check for the RB0 interrupt. I have enabled the INTE,GIE, RCIE=1 and PEIE=1;TRISB0=1, (...)
hi, i have purchased one gsm module with sim 900A, power supply section, uart, antenna, sim card holder etc. when i connect power supply to module, my newtwork led
hello everyone.. i have some problem with my thinking that how can i receive data from my pc based application to my sim900 module that is interfacing with lpc2148 along tcp/ip protocol. shall any one tell me how it is possible ?? thanks
Hi fiends , I have made GSM modul with sim900d and PIC16F870 . I make voice call and it work only if the gsm number is in code . But i want sim900 to take number from sim card . I have write number in sim phone book in first position. For this i send via uart AT command : AT+CPBS="SM" ATD>SM1 And (...)
my objective is to read message sent by some mobile number on the sim connected to gsm module.. LCD connected to 8051 i did followed so many tutorials all of those are really confusing.. they just explain the setup and then skip to the code.. i just want a step by step explanation for programming for this objective
You can always start by writing the 3-digit counter and verify that it is working. If it counts correctly from 000 to 999. Then write the uart communication part to receive text from another mcu. You can either test it with proteus sim using the "virtual terminal" to make sure that it is working properly by sending the command text to it to
Hi.. I am using PIC 16F877A Microcontroller and sim 300 GSM Modem Actually I can send sms using sim 300, can receive the message location and displayed that on lcd. Everything works on hyperterminal. But in hardware i couldn't receive the message from the modem.I couldn't find the problem..
Response from GSM sim 300 will be in string format like \r\nOK\r\n, so, you don't have to add 0x30 to them. uart receive interrupt should be enabled by setting RCIE bit before do {...}while(1); loop. do { i = 0; Tx_string("AT\r"); //while(!RCIF); while(i < 6) { // \r\nOK\r\n = 6 characters if(RCIF) bu
As sim300 works with uart protocol, use uart TX to send commands.Then what ever GSM replies read with uart RX and display the same on LCD. smaple code: tx_string("AT"); x=RX(); LCD_dat(x);
I am using sim 908 and when it gets power on,some garbage value received in uart and after some time it stops working
PIC : PIC18F4520 PICPLC16v6 Development Board from Mikroelectronika GSM Modem : Quectel M95 Can receive SMS by Hyperterminal +CMTI: "SM",28 telling New SMS arrived, index in sim Memory 28 AT+CMGR=28 AT command to Read SMS whose index is 28 +CMGR: "REC UNREAD","+6597329728","","2013/08/15 15:17:56+32" Sms recd OK Need to implement
Hi, You can use simCOM900A GSM module easily available in market. Connect module directly with 8051 on uart and its work fine. Regards,
Hi, I am trying to make an intelligent traffic light controllorvusing fpga with gprs which gives priority to emergency vehichles. I am using xc3s400 . And there is no serial comm port on the kit to interface eith gsm (sim 300) .can some one help on how to program fpga for serial comm and also how to interface uart with fpga
Hello, This is my first time of working on GSM. I have got a kit of sim900A interfaced with ARM7. To begin with, I am facing following problems... 1. I cant insert the sim card in the slot. When I try to lock, the sim card oozes out of the slot. 2. I can just see the power on LED on of the sim900 module (...)
Hi, I need to buy a gsm module to work with some avr by uart. Probably I will chose sim900, because it?s quite popular. I tried to find it with essential elements like sim holder or antenna to decrease my word, but I don?t want whole evaluation board. I found sim900te-c , but i know nothing about additional elements on (...)
What you are doing sounds correct and should work. Have you tried using MPLAB sim, view program memory, and step through the code to see what is going on?