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I am using sim300 modem with Tata Docomo sim card for communication with PIC18F46K80 controller. Everything is working nicely. Except SMS sent from modem are blank.If I replace docomo sim with vodafone sim , sms sent are correct. Messages received are correct in both the sim card. What can be the problem? Thanks in advance. My AT commands seque
Hi, I've completed my Vehicle tracker working with 89c51 + 89c52, where 51 controlled GPS data and its ping 10 keeps sending data to 52's MCU pin 2 and 52 MCU is serving main program including serial communication with siemens s-46 model. Now I've connected the sim300DZ and sim300D none of the working as per my code used for (...)
hi please help me what is different of AT commands simm300 to 900. please help me. here my program is workin good in sim300 but this is not working for sim900.
I use hitech c compiler 9.70 and pic16f877a microcontroller , the following code compiled successfully but shows warning illegal conversion between pointer types how can I clear this warning ,what is wrong with my code? #include #include #include #define XTAL_FREQ 4e6 __CONFIG (0x3F3A); void gsm_ini
i am doing a project on gsm based irrigation system.i am using at89s52 uc and sim300 gsm modem. here i am interfacing 3 sensors ,and accordingly it will send sms to users mobile when any one of the sensor values decreses below some value.also,we can check the condition of the field at any time just by sending a message to the gsm modem. i am
I am working on sim300, trying to receive sms on atmega16 via serial communication. When i send " *23# " sms to gsm modem from my mobile, gsm sends " \r\n+CMGR:\s"REC\sUNREAD","+919762148043",,"14/03/13,23:04:32+22"\r\n*23#\r\n\r\nOK\r\n " as response on serial port. I am getting this data on atmega16, but only " \r\n+CMGR:\s"REC\sUNREAD",
The choice of the GPS tracker will depend on the power requirement, communication interface, accuracy you need. When I made it as a project I used FASTRAX UP501 (okay) and I used sim300 (GSM modem) without internet support. You just figure out your requirements and google a bit. You will surely get one suitable for your application. Or else some o
hi, i want to interface both gsm modem sim300 and gps reciever with 8051 and i am using only 1 max232 ic . i have connected 11 and 12 number pin to microcontroller tx and rx pin respectively and i want to know how to connect with gps receiciver . please help me with approprriate circuit diagram... thanx in advance
can anyone say why do i receive partial string of message in lpc2129 using lpc2129
I have to send data over FTP using sim300. I don't have any idea regarding networking.. I dont know which ftp site to use. Thats why i use but not able to get what to do with this. as i cant read any file or send any file to that site. Please suggest me something regarding this topic.. AT+CIPSHUT SHUT OK AT
Hi friends I have a problem in communication with FTP server via sim300 GPRS when I connect to a HTTP server such as, I can send my TCP commands like this: AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","80" OK CONNECT OK AT+CIPSEND > GET / HTTP/1.1 Host: Connection: Keep-Alive Accept:
hi everyone, i face problem while testing sim300 GSM/GPRS module, when i connect this module to hyperterminal i got quicker responce from module, while when i connect this module to arduino & trying to communicate but got slower responce from module, what is difference between sim300 module communication with pc via hyperterminal & (...)
Please please help me out I have successful communicating with filzilla ftp server but after making dir in ftp server it shows error: > 425 Can't open data connection Please guide me i need strong advice - - - Updated - - - i have both sim900 and sim300 modem
i hav done the successful communication with ftp server using tcp port 2021,i hv made the directory in server successfully but for data connection i have write below last command but it shows error? Could you please check and revert. +CREG: 1,"0C25","084A" RDY +CFUN: 1 +CPIN: READY at OK at OK at+creg? +CREG: 0,1 OK at+cgatt=
hi, in our project, we are sending SMS through cell phone to turn on and off lamp and fan. its based on GSM. this is our 1 st project. we are using sim 300 modem and pic 18f45k20. i dont have any idea in gsm pic communication. i heared we have to use AT commands. so whether we have to include AT commands in pic ? how sim 300 and pic communicating?
You can use code of any AT support modem to sim900, it will work fine, when i ported my sim300 code to sim900 it was not sending sms when i added some delay between at commands to worked
Autobauding option is another PROBLEM with communication, when autobauding is enabled, the GSM uses other pins for communications rather than just TX,RX which create another what you have to do, is that make baud rate constant of your GSM module, there will be AT command for doing this, after this YOU JUST SAVE THIS INFORMATION INTO THE G
Hi all , I am trying to establish a TCP communication between sim300(thro hyperterminal) and my pc. I can able to establish a connection but the modem gets reset after that which makes me impossible to send data . Here is the list of AT commands that i used . AT+CMGF=1 OK at+ipr? +IPR: 9600 OK at+creg? +CREG: 0,1 OK a
Hi everyone, communication between 89V51RD2 & Hyper-terminal and sim300 & Hyper-terminal is proper but, when i try to communicate between 89V51RD2 & sim300 nothing is happening. I have tried all the ways. Hardware connection : Controller & Modem both has RS232 so, connecting it directly still no output. Could anyone suggest what else (...)
Do we need vpltage level shifter between PIC18LF4620 and sim300GSM. PIC18LF4620 works on 3.3 volts whereas sim300 works on 4.5 volts. Voltage level shifter is not necessary for communication between above PIC and sim300, you only need to put 300 ohm resistance in between them ( Tx and RX)