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Hi, i have interfaced the sim300 to hyper terminal. i made a call to other number & i got the call also. i received the sms. i read the all sms at once by using AT+CMGL="ALL" , but if i want to read a single sms by using AT+CMGL=1, 4 or 5 then i get the error as +cms error: 305. for writing a sms also i get the same error. so plsease can (...)
I am using sim300 module.I want to make an http request to my live web server.i saw someny threads regarding this but not fount any solution. sim used:Idea India with GPRS offer APN: internet step i followed in hyper terminal: **************************************************************** AT+CGATT=1 AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet" (...)
Hello!! I successfully transmit data to a TCP server using sim300 Module using Windows hyper terminal. But i have to automate this process. But not able to write code for it, don't know why i am not able to receive data from GPRS Module properly. I am using PIC18F8722 Micro-controller and whenever i tries to receive data it Serial (...)
hello friends... in my project,i have to connect my gsm module(sim300) to pc through hyper terminal. I do not have interconnecting wire right now but I want to check my gsm module's operation. so can I connect just TXD,RXD and GND pins of my gsm module(DB-9) to RXD,TXD and GND pins of PC(DB-25) through some fine wires as these are the only (...)
i used this command on hyper terminal it works, but trying using arduino not work, please help me
Hi everyone, Communication between 89V51RD2 & hyper-terminal and sim300 & hyper-terminal is proper but, when i try to communicate between 89V51RD2 & sim300 nothing is happening. I have tried all the ways. Hardware connection : Controller & Modem both has RS232 so, connecting it directly (...)
I an using GPRS modem sim300 (with inbuilt TCP/IP stack). The modem is connected to serial port of PC and controlling it through hyper terminal. I am able to connect to standard sites like google....and it is not a problem The same PC is connected to BSNL boardband through a bsnl modem. The ip connection is on basis of dynamic ip (as (...)
Use ttl converter RS232 between PC and sim300 then connect to PC's serial port then open hyper terminal Use baud rate 9600 chose desired connected serial port and type "AT" enter.......... That it........
Hi friends... I want to interface sim300 with ATMEGA16. I can send commands using hyper terminal of my pc and sim300 is working properly. Also when i connect my micro controller board to pc through serial cable, I am able to send the data serially to hyper terminal. But problem is (...)
Hi, I m connecting sim300 Module with hyper terminal using MAX232 circuitry. But when i open the terminal, it shows random ASCII characters before pressing any key as well as after pressing any key. Can anyone please help me in this ?
Dear srecko, Please show some code for uc B'cose i handle sim300 with hyper terminal but unable to communicate with pic16f887a using ccs compiler Please help me some one
Go for simple gsm modem like sim300 which is more than sufficient for your project. More over it is easy to connect a microcontroller through rs232 than usb.
how r at commands converted to IRA Character set?? as i knw tat my sim300 reads data n ira format... if dere is any othrway 2 convert at commands to machine level language plplplpl i realy need hlp
Dear Sirs/Madams I have problem with connect GPRS in hyper terminal application i want see Google page or get variable from web server in hyper terminal with sim300 at command pls say to me how i can it ? tanx
hi U can use sim300 as a client of a server or as a server with a valid IP for this use read this && much much enjoy :D:D be success
hi i am using sim300 GPRS modem. I want to see which types of data receive in hyper terminal when we open or any other site in hyper terminal with the help of GPRS modem (AT commands). I know we can?t see that data in html format but we can see that data in hexadecimal format (in character (...)