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hello friends... in my project,i have to connect my gsm module(sim300) to pc through hyper terminal. I do not have interconnecting wire right now but I want to check my gsm module's operation. so can I connect just TXD,RXD and GND pins of my gsm module(DB-9) to RXD,TXD and GND pins of (...)
Hi, I'm working on an GSM module sim300 which works fine when i test in windows terminal but when try to send message from PIC18F2550, not able get message from it it is my code void main(void) { //Configuration of Modem ADCON1 = 0x0F; // default all pins to digital TRISC = 0b11000000; // RC7(RX) as input , RC6(TX) as (...)
Hello everyone, I have a sim300 module and I can only access the top of it, bottom is inaccessible. It doesn't have a ready-made serial interface. I would like to access TXD and RXD pins of sim300 to connect to my COM port. Since I can only access only top, I was wondering any of those round pins is TXD (...)
Autobauding option is another PROBLEM with communication, when autobauding is enabled, the GSM uses other pins for communications rather than just TX,RX which create another what you have to do, is that make baud rate constant of your GSM module, there will be AT command for doing this, after this YOU JUST SAVE THIS INFORMATION INTO THE G
Don't know why the link is not working right now, may be some server issue, try to upload schematic diagram here. Or do this. I think in your dev board their must a MAX232 or similar IC, and there were few jumpers should be there, Download Max232 datasheet and see TTL Rx and Tx pins, via jumpers you should connect sim300 Rx pin to Max232 Tx T
Hi Pull down RTS and CTS Using 10K resistor and DCR and DCD open. go through Schematics and documents in sim300 Post with regards Ravi