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hi i have problem with sim300cz-v3.0.can anyone help me i cant run this module.i read it's datasheet is different from sim300cZ_HD_V1.01 , is it true? i can't find it's datasheet can you help me.this is very important for me
Hello, I've experience to send data to server using GPRS modem, this is done with the 2G network. The modem that I've used is sim300c. Now I'd like to send the data to the same server but using the 3G network. Could you please help in that point. How could I send data with 3G. I'm using the modem SIM5216. Thank you Best regards
Its possible to change. I have successfully test with sim300c. But not sure about sim900.
hello people i'm working on GSM sim300c MODEM and try to read the message and then do some controlling for relays, i wrote my code and its totally working in simulation and hayperterminal, and i have test the gsm modem and its also working with hayperterminal but when i connect my sim300c modem to my pic16f887 using null modem which is my TX->RX ..
I will use sim300c for my project, I have read in the datasheet that VDD_EXT has max value = 3V and min 2.75V. I'm using 3.3V uC, can I directly connect the sim300c's serial pins to the uC? because in the sim300c datsheet mention that the serial pins have VDD_EXT+0.3V max logic input. thanks
8051 family. where can I buy this sim300c module? N S K E L E C T R O N I C S Sunrom Technologies, Your Source for Development Following functions are provided by Sim306: (1) Download MM
I need to select an audio codec IC to convert analog voice of sim300c into PCMU/PCMA and inversely PCMU/PCMA signal is convert into analog voice which is connect with the mic of sim300c. Need suggestion for choosing the chip and also schematic .
Problem is not about the signal.I confirmit. Read the ATC of sim300c.
Problem is not about the signal.I confirm it. Read the ATC of sim300c.
why GPS is importent here ? You can use sim300c GSM/GPRS module.
Hello, I have sim300dz module on sim300c eVB 2.01 board. When I poer up board, I receive call ready message.İf I try to send At commands , board is just echoing At command I sent . Not responding my commands. I Am usşng only RX and TX signals.Not using control signals( RTS ,DTe ,,etc) . What I undersatnd from blink led is my module is f
Products in stock 1. SIM300 2. sim300c 3. SIM508 4. SIM548C 5. SIM20 6. Connector 7. SIM holder,RF cable, antenna If anyone needs simcom products in BANGLADESH mail me for
Hi to all i could send and read sms with sim300c and AVR. how can i understand that a new sms message receive to sim300c module? i want to recognize it with AVR and then read it! can any one help me? Best Regards
I want to connect 4 or 5 sim300c GSM module with my PC RS232 port at a time and send them the AT command individually to controlled each module. I am thinking RS485 is the right way. But i have no experience about RS485. Can someone help me with the schematic and the sample code. I can able to connect a single modem with PC serial p
hello, I am using sim300c for one of my project. I need to know the AT command for originated current call duration or last call duration. how can i query for that . thanks in adv
hi friends, I need your help please. Which one is better between sim300c and cinterion mc55i. I have no experience with both of modules. What I want are stability, less of bug and easy to use. I want to use it in datalogger with GPRS data transfer. Thanks.
I'm a student. I'm doing final duty about PRACTICAL GSM MODULE. I apply sim300c. I wish to add the module with keypad, lcd, and audio system like speaker, earphone, and microphone. But, I meet difficulty in realizing audio interfacing. Is there anyone which able to assist me? What must I do. thanks before
Could anybody provide hardware specification document of sim306. Are sim300c and sim306 pin compatible. thanks
Friends, I design a gsm module with GPRS connectivity. It often problem when data table read and close the server, 1. then some time it become halt until reset the power 2. It reset itself 3. produce bad character on LCD and very late to register. 4. some time it is halt on any one at command state I am using 5V/3A switch mode adopter po
Hi I have a sim300c GPRS Modem with RS232 interface,I need to Connect to the internet with this modem. I try to do that with creat a Dial_up connection but i got error 777. I try to do that with Hyper terminal but i got NO CARRIER and when I used from AT+CEER I got +CEER: GPRS - LCP negotiation timeout I have some information to connect