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Thread moved. but on using this my code is not compiling, I'm getting compilation error. Problem doesn't seem to be related to sim908. Show the code and error message.
Hi all. For years. I get the PMs related SIMCOM series. So i want to give some tip for success. Most important for you! 1. Make sure your power supply is most suitable for SIMx. (2,5 - 3 A) 2. After power cycle the modem, please don't send anything until you get "Call Ready" or "GPS Ready". THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. 3. Be aware of your modem
Hi, I am interfacing sim908 with atmega1281. I am sending commands to sim908 via tx-rx pin. As i send "AT" it responds "OK" but somehow i cant able to receive that "OK" inside the mcu. By receiving that "Ok" i can go further steps in code. In my hardware connection i connected sim908 with UART1 and displaying its response on (...)
You can use a simple arduino board to communicate with simcom module. You can use sim900 if you only need call/sms. Or you can go for sim908 if you want to use gps too. The module can be interfaced through the serial port of arduino/mcu and communicate via AT commands
I'm using PIC18F4550 at 115200 baud rate to get GPS information from sim908. It works fine with commands sent from PC. Also it works fine with commands from MCU. But the problem is, the MCU can not read the GPS data sent from sim908. I checked the MCU, it can read data if I send the data from PC UART. But can not read SIM module. It reads some
Consider -4dBi of a linear antenna Parallel requires impedance matching Pi then T filter C-R-C-R for 50 Ohms. Separate GPS antenna requires careful location and ground pad size. sim908 datasheet.pdf
You cannot directly use the SIM548 in sim908 breakout board. There are some modifications on the module, unlike sim908, SIM548 has separate Power pin for GPS , and one extra Serial UART for GPS, GPS RTC core to help hot Start, etc but if you are only looking for the GSM part, All the functions are exactly same as sim908
Hi all, I am working on a project that using sim908,module on the board. I have a doubt that how could I set /read the internal real time clock of the module? I have searched for a AT command but nothing was referred on the data sheet..
i have problem with sim908 when i try to connect by gprs and also try to use gps, sim908 will reconnect and gps willbe off i use someat to power on gps inside my code but it will reset the module and it doesnt work please help me tnx
Hi, I'm building an expansion board for a Raspberry PI using the SIM928. Is it possible to use the SIM928 using a single UART to access the GSM/GPRS as well as GPS? I know it is possible with its predecessor the sim908. Thanks
what you are looking for is a WARM START UP so try changing to AT+CGPSRST=1 or try maybe =2, the manual states that it's better to make a cold reset the first time (=0 like yours) but after that, subsequent resets could be =1 (some pages states =1 is auto, another page states that =1 is hot and =2 is warm) sadly this module doesn't say exactly ho
Hi all, I'm new to the forum and would be glad if somebody could help me out ASAP. I've made my own PCB design for sim908, referring to the datasheet and have been using it in my various several projects for over a year and found no problem. The input to the board is 12V/2A. The output of the LM2576 to the VBAT is 3.98V. According to SIM90
Would be a good idea to show a few lines of sim908 GPS output.
hello all good morning!!!! i am stuck in sim908 Module starting problem. When i push power on key for 1 sec, its not starting. its network pin didnt give o/p. Please help me, its so urgent. i have tried after changing power supply source but still not having solution.
Hi, I have the same question. Does anyone know if sim808 has Embedded AT programming enabled? I have a product with sim908 and I really need to migrate to sim808. But this current product (sim908) has many implementations using EAT. If it's not enabled I'll need to add a microprocessor to the project. Please, any Please anyone?
I'm looking for a specific file used for compiling the SIM900 core for use with embeddedAT (using the arm-none-eabi toolchain rather than RVCT). The file is called "", and would normally be found in the ..\EmbatSIM\comptool\gcc\lib\ directory (according to the app_make_inc_s file). Does anyone have this file? -R
Hi Guys, I am currently working on a project which uses the sim908 module to get GPS co-ordinates of a moving vehicle. The sim908 is installed on a custom PCB and operating from a 3.7V battery. The firmware which interfaces with the sim908 first powers on the GPS module AT+CGPSPWR = 1 Then removes the reset setting AT+CGPSRST = 0 (...)
i have designed a small circuit containing pic mcu and sim908 the circuit works well but after some second it goes off automatically the mcu and rest of circuit work perfectly but sim908 turns off, i have connected 1000uF on VBAT of sim908, supply is best voltage 4v is provided antennas connected ,disconnected in every case it does the same (...)
hello im working on sim908 and i made pcb for it and there is on chip (mega32) on it . now , im writting program for it . i would like to send one sms to module then the micro process the data and turn on one LED.(sms controller) so, i need one example for it in codevision . please help me .... thanks
Hi guys, I have setup a TCPIP connection between my ITEAD sim908 development board and a server on my PC(SocketTest v3) using the following code: AT+CIPSHUT AT+CIPMUX=0 AT+CIPSTATUS AT+CSTT="internet","","" AT+CIPSTATUS AT+CIICR AT+CIPSTATUS AT+CIFSR AT+CIPSTATUS AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","