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hi I have a problem interfacing RF module(433Mhz ask) to 8051(atmel 89C51). I am using two micro controllers First: I have written a simple program to transmit 'A' serially if P1^0 is high in transmitter micro controller(uc1). and at receiver micro controller(uc2) to take serial data and put in on P1 of (uc2
TI DSP MSP Series or DSP PIC dsPIC with proper library you can do it in simple 8051 also
hi friends.. i m new to keil and hyperterminal,so i burned my keil c program into my 8051 microcontroller and in my program i used printf() function as in turbo c,,but its not plz give me the simple program (uses keil) to print the message(characters and numerics) on the hyperterminal
yes you can look into the examples programs in the installed folder.... first make up your mind to learn a particular controller and programming language you will use... then take up mazidi book on 8051 and try the simple programs in keil....
hello... could anyone please tell me how exactly to send at commands from 8051 to a sim300 gsm module?? Particularly using printf statements:!: i have tried sending it through strings and been successful to receive it at the serial window. But i saw a sample program on net which uses simple printf statements to send these AT commands. i (...)
?Architecture and programming of 8051 Microcontrollers? The book contains details of its architecture and many practical examples, both simple and complex, useful program routines, instructions on handling the programmer for Atmel 51 series, and the guide on using the development systems for Atmel (...)
10x but a wanna some simple sound impulse without MIC , just connect a circuit to sound output a wait for activity
what? Humidity sensing is simple, all you need is a humidity sensor/meter, then an ADC and a microcontroller. Just create a program on reading an ADC be it serial, parallel, I2C or SPI. Calibrate the results to fit on your desired output, convert it to BCD, ASCII or whatever chracter fit for your display, then display into an LCD or an LED.
When you disable ALL INTERUPTS, you also disable the BAUDRATE GENERATOR TIMER, so... it's that simple. u r disabling you main serial task. Hope this is useful.