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Hey I compiled simple BLINK LED by usb example. The example works well on my every day workstation PC. But when I plug it to the laptop, it says "unknown device" (error code 43). What's wrong, am I forgetting some kind of drivers? I am using example HID Read Write Interrupt (EasyPIC v7 for pic18f4550). The board c
I am using mikroc and this is the code unsigned char readbuff absolute 0x500; // Buffers should be in usb RAM, please consult datasheet unsigned char writebuff absolute 0x540; char cnt; char kk; void interrupt(){ usb_Interrupt_Proc(); // usb servicing is done inside the interrupt } void main(vo
Hello, I am newbie in usb PIC programming. I am simple trying usb example given in MicroC usb library. I can easily "Build" this example. But whenever i try to "Start Debugger" it shows some application Error. I have also included descriptor file in my project.
Serial to usb will only allow you to treat a device as if it is a serial terminal or simple serial device. It allows serial/RS232 type communications over usb, not usb communications over serial. You cannot, for instance, read a usb flash memory over a usb-serial converter. If your (...)
i want to know about how to send data using usb to another pc usb (or) any other simple circuitary like microcontroller without using usb to serial converter. can i send data directly to 8051 microcontroller using usb? is it possible? if not tel me another microcontroller circuit which supports (...)
I want to write a program for my pic18f4550 in Hi-Tech C... So that what ever i send from the PC to usb port, will be received by my PIC- Micro-Controller.. I know its not at all simple to do so... But have to do that... I had downloaded the Microchip Application Libraries from MPLAB site and try to do some thing with that.. But (...)
what is the connector X1 ? This is a circuit I uses for a mini B connector 66374 I would tend to test it with one of Microchip's simple test projects from usb Application Design Center e.g. HID mouse C:\Microchip Solu
Hi, I'm new in using this pic18f4550 PICDEM FS usb board. I would like to know how to use the ADC of this board. Can anyone give a very simple ADC sample C code using this board? Also, I'm using the MPLAB IDE and the MC18 as the compiler. Is there any way to print the ADC result in the MPLAB IDE, like using printf or smth??
Hi, I am want to use pic18f4550 to send data to MRF24J40MA ( just a simple P2P connection). Here is my hardware schematic which just shows connections between the PIC uController and the ZigBee module. I am using 20MHz crystal as my PIC will talk to usb of a
Welcome to EDA Board The instruments you wish to design are not simple. we need to know how much experience do you have in electronics and microcontrollers to help you. Best of luck Nandhu
hi everybody... I'm a computer engineering student. and we are working now on our thesis. our thesis is entitled "Automated Vault for Safety Deposit Box". We need to connect our Automated Vault to the PC throught usb... I know how to parallel port interface... but our professors want us to us usb interfacing thanks in advance...
Hi I am going to build one of this. Is this circuit has any drawback or limitation compared to another circuits in this board with MG411 and DCP010515 ICs? This circuit seems more simple than that one. picstudent
Anyone knows how to connect usb keyboard to a device that has PS/2 connector. It is not PC computer and simple adaptors do not work. Maybe there is simple converter that will convert D+/D- inot Clock/Data? :?:
I am using ICD2 of Microchip and HTPIC18 - MPLAP7.3 (for 18F4550) My project is very simple, it is set PORTA = 0xAA; PORTB = 0x55; This is my code: #include #include __CONFIG(1,HSPLL & usbPLL & PLLDIV1 & CPUDIV1 & FCMDIS & IESODIS); // HSPLL = High Speed PLL // usbPLL = Select usb PLL (...)
have a look at my so-simple example i've done the same with 18F2455 :)